Stunning! Major House Makeover in Roswell!

Atlanta Curb Appeal just completed a major home makeover in Roswell. The homeowners purchased the home and wanted to make some improvements before they moved in. The previous style of the home was more traditional, so these updates modernized and improved some of the most utilized spaces in the house: the kitchen, mudroom, living room, and three upstairs bathrooms.

The project was big, but we were able to finish it in just two and half months! The clients were very responsive to questions and decision-making – a big key to making a project move quickly.

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One of our favorite new features is the mudroom. We removed a small coat closet and then custom-built the shelving to meet the new homeowners’ needs.

It is the perfect place to drop shoes, coats, and book bags when entering the house from the garage. 

In the kitchen, we love the space added by creating a pantry with a wide entryway. This family loves to cook and had lots of food products and appliances to store. Previously, the home had a small pantry and a small nook behind it.

We reframed the walls to create a bigger pantry and then also added custom shelves and a barn door to allow the family to close up the large space when it is not in use. 

Also in the kitchen, we removed the old wood cabinets and replaced them with brand new shaker-style cabinets. Because of the high ceilings, we were able to add an extra layer of display cabinets with LED lighting at the top. The island is also a custom build that added lots of additional storage. With the island and the extra cabinets, we increased storage space in the kitchen by more than 20%.

In the living room, the brick on the fireplace was falling apart, so we decided to dismantle it and install new brick and a beautiful cedar mantle. Moreover, to suit the wishes of avid readers in the house, we removed some small bookcases and custom-built wide bookcases. 

Of course, the bathrooms are all stunning and unique. We love the style and features the client selected.

These homeowners were pleased with the process and even happier with the high-quality result!

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Wow! Master Bathroom and Closet Makeover in East Cobb

This remodel from Atlanta Curb Appeal has great features, including a hot new bathroom design you are going to love! This project in East Cobb included a complete remodel of the master bathroom and closet, plus an update to the floors and trim in all the bedrooms. The family worked with us many years ago, and now they contacted us for some upstairs updates.

The couple requested that we make the bathroom into a “wet room.” This is a new trend for upscale bathroom remodels. Instead of a cordoned-off shower, the entire room is tiled and incorporated into the shower space. In this case, it includes the beautiful, freestanding bathtub. The benefits of a wet room go beyond sleek, modern design and a more open feel in the bathroom. Wet rooms tend to be easier to clean because there are fewer surfaces for water to pool and gather. That helps prevent mold and mildew in the shower. Also, they make the shower easier to access. On the downside, more of the floor surface can be slippery when wet.

We removed the drywall to discover that there was a lot of unused space above the ceiling, so we were able to open up the bathroom and vault the ceiling to make the area feel much bigger.

In order to build a larger bathroom and incorporate the wet room, the homeowners agreed to sacrifice some of their walk-in closet space. Thankfully, they already had a fairly large closet, and some of the space was not being used, so in the remodel, we added ready-made drawers to best utilize the space. We customized the cabinets with butcher block countertops. Butcher block is a warm addition to a closet, and the finished wood is also more affordable than marble, granite, or quartz. It is not as durable but is great for a space that will not see the wear and tear of a kitchen.

All in all, the project took just six weeks! The homeowners were pleased with the result and happy they are able to use the new space before the holidays.

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Green Tiled Bathroom? Yes! It’s Stunning!

Check out this stunning bathroom and closet remodel with some pretty incredible upgrades! This couple will no longer be *bathing* in luxury, but showering in it instead. Let’s just say they finally took the plunge.

To remake this lovely space, Atlanta Curb Appeal removed the old shower and linen closet. This opened up the space tremendously. It was spacious enough to add a sitting area near the vanity.

The most eye-popping feature, though, is the shower. The homeowners decided to make a dream come true. They traded in their free-standing tub for a large, floor-to-ceiling-tiled two-person shower. We love the combination of the green tile, copper fixtures, and the stark whites of the rest of the room.

Bathroom Before:

Bathroom Before Makeover


We were all amazed with the beauty of the darker tile once it was installed. This is actually a newer trend Atlanta Curb Appeal is excited about: the move to bold, dark features within a bathroom. It adds a classy, modern feel that is luxurious and inviting at the same time. We also love the addition of the frosted glass to let some extra natural light into the shower.


In addition to the shower and vanity, we added new porcelain tile floors. These were upgraded with a heated-flooring system. Also, one of the biggest luxury items in this bathroom is the all-automatic bidet. It comes complete with a seat cover that opens automatically when it senses someone nearby.

In addition to the bathroom, we added custom-built cabinets to the walk-in closet. This gave much more functionality to the space. The new cabinets include maximized clothing storage space and a display area for hats and shoes. It’s so much more efficient to get dressed in the mornings when you can see all your options.

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With a new calming and luxurious way to relax, the homeowners are blown away!

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Stunning! White & Gold Kitchen Makeover in Sandy Springs!

After a bad experience with a different contractor, Atlanta Curb Appeal went above and beyond in this kitchen renovation in Sandy Springs! The new kitchen is beautifully open with lots of new cabinet space, clean lines, and a great flow.

These homeowners originally hired a different company to renovate their kitchen. This contractor took the deposit and then did not show up until almost a year later. When they did show up, they did one day of demolition and then disappeared again.

Fed up and without a functional kitchen, the clients searched for a new contractor. They found us through an internet search and a recommendation from a previous client. We met with them immediately. Even though they had already designed the remodel, we presented a new design that we thought would better meet their needs. The clients loved it and fortunately, we were able to get started on the project right away.

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We worked every day on the kitchen and wet bar until the project was complete.

There are some really cool features to this kitchen, both design- and construction-related. We love the herringbone-style subway tile, which breaks up the lines of the cabinets and gives it a modern feel. Also, the white hood vent cover blends well with the white shaker cabinets and the brushed gold fixtures and hardware. Atlanta Curb Appeal added new ceiling beams in the kitchen, too. We also removed the old pantry walls and reworked the plumbing and HVAC to open up the space. When people walk in now, the first thing they comment on is how expansive the room feels with the new large island in the middle and cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling.

After the frustration the homeowners experienced with the previous contractor, they were worried and skeptical, but Atlanta Curb Appeal was happy to regain their confidence and create a beautiful space in a timely manner. We wanted everything to go smoothly for them under our care – and it did! They are happy with the result… so happy that they are asking for a quote for more work on their house!

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Wow! 90 Year Old East Cobb House Makeover!

90-Year-Old East Cobb House Makeover!

This beautiful 90-year-old house on Bishop Lake has lots of character, but it needed some more functionality for the owner, so he hired Atlanta Curb Appeal to renovate the kitchen and fix some problems that come with aging homes. This is our second renovation for this house; we updated the bathroom last year. 


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This homeowner is a talented yoga instructor and artist. He has a unique style, so we enjoyed collaborating with his vision for the project. The first big hurdle was removing a gigantic and very heavy old stone fireplace from the living area. The individual stones were huge and went from the crawl space all the way to the roof line. Removal was quite a job! This allowed us, though, to open up the space and add an island in the kitchen. It also cleared the view so you can actually see the lake from the entrance of the house!


The next big challenge is a common one in older homes: the walls weren’t straight, and there are always surprises when you take down a wall or remove a floor. We leveled out the floors, which were crooked because they settled with time. Next, of course, we replaced the old flooring with updated materials. Then, we fixed all of the doors that could not be opened or closed because the house had shifted over time.

We then reframed the kitchen wall to incorporate a bigger window and then painted the whole main level and custom-built a pantry cabinet to maximize space. The homeowner has an excellent eye for detail and design. His choice of black and white cabinets gives a striking look that just fits in this interesting and historic home.

Original 1930s East Cobb Home Bishops Lake. Note the Original Fireplace

The homeowner is so happy with the open space and updated look of the renovation, and he said he was pleased with our communication and professionalism during the project, which we completed in just 7 weeks!

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Say Goodbye 90’s Kitchen East Cobb!

Say Goodbye 90’s Kitchen in East Cobb!

This East Hampton kitchen renovation is OUT with the 90’s vibe and IN with a gorgeous, modern kitchen.



Like most of our clients, this homeowner found Atlanta Curb Appeal by referral. A neighbor recommended us through the neighborhood group chat, and the family could not be happier with the results or how fast the project was completed! From start to finish, this project took Just. Six. Weeks.

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The homeowners, new empty-nesters, thought it was high time for an upgrade to the kitchen. With the kids out of the house, they designed it to fit their new needs. The old kitchen had wallpaper, can lights, and a kitchen desk. Atlanta Curb Appeal removed the desk and ripped off the wallpaper. Then, we added classic tile and wafer LED lights for a bright, airy feel.

New amenities include a two-drawer beverage fridge, a trash compactor, and new storage in the gigantic island. The island has room for cabinets on both sides, plus an overhang for extra seating in the kitchen. The color of the island is called dark shaker grey, and it contrasts nicely with the walls and hardware.  Amazingly, the 48-inch range also provides space for a double oven underneath. The corner pantry was removed to enlarge the kitchen and instead, we added pantry cabinets with pull-out drawers.

Our client selected Hoodsly for the beautiful new hood vent. It is a great company for quality, customer service, and quick turnaround. We did have to find a way to vent the hood all the way to an outside wall, which was challenging with the high ceilings and framing style, but as you can see from the photos, it was worth it.

The wallpaper was also tricky!  We had to smooth and sand the walls after it was removed. This added some time to the project, but, we were still able to complete the job quickly. The homeowners were happy that so much progress was made each day and that the project ended on time and within budget.

We are delighted that they love the final result!

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Fantastic! Two Story Deck with Roofs in East Cobb!

Summer is the best time for hitting the pool, grilling out, and entertaining outside. What do you do, then, when your deck is showing its age? You renovate!

This East Cobb family’s 30-year-old home had been having some issues inside and out. The two-story deck was rotting and small. The house sits right on a small lake, so it has a beautiful view. 

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Previously, the homeowners used Atlanta Curb Appeal for basement and bathroom remodels. Since they were already very pleased with those results, they hired us again for this fabulous deck and porch upgrade. 

It took 3 months to complete the magnificent porch project. We removed the old decks, added deep new footings, and put a roof on the top deck. Atlanta Curb Appeal used pressure-treated lumber and cedar. This lumber is treated with a preservative at high pressure to preserve the life of the wood for decades.

A gorgeous cedar was used for inside the porch only for a better look and feel.

The family also chose a new screen technology called “Mesh Guard” for the upper deck. The material and frames are much stronger than traditional screen porch material, so it eliminates the need for railing and pickets. This allows for a more unobstructed view. This new product took a little bit longer to install, but the result is a beautiful, clear view of the backyard and pond behind the house. 

Neighbors stopped by often to check out the results and were impressed with the consistently clean worksite. 

The homeowners are in love with the result and are enjoying their new outdoor space every day!

Atlanta Curb Appeal pro tip: If you are considering deck remodels, consider the cost of materials before you begin! Also, consider the maintenance required. Each house is different, but Atlanta Curb Appeal recommends you keep an eye on how the wood is aging and fix what is needed. The longer you wait, the bigger and more expensive it is to fix. For PT lumber, Atlanta Curb Appeal recommends homeowners to pressure wash and re-stain every 2-3 years to extend the life of the wood.

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Amazing Modern Kitchen Transformation in East Cobb

Amazing Modern Kitchen Transformation in East Cobb!

This kitchen transformation from Atlanta Curb Appeal is pretty remarkable. It is such a drastic change that it’s difficult to imagine that the before and after photos are of the same space! The design is forward-thinking, and the rooms feel light and fresh compared to the original dark and bulky kitchen construction.

The home is an older home on a beautiful piece of property on the Chattahoochee River. These particular clients have an eye for design and detail. They did quite a bit of research to find a contractor and liked ACA’s positive reviews. They also researched every aspect of the project, from the tile they ordered from Italy to the custom cabinetry design.

The biggest hurdle for this remodel was creating more space in the kitchen. In addition to moving walls and changing the layout, the new space created additional problems. The new kitchen hood vent was so powerful, we had to install a fresh air return system so that the vent would not create a vacuum in the home.

One of the most unique design features in this kitchen is the countertop-integrated burners. The gas burners are installed into the granite countertop, instead of being surrounded by glass or metal. This gives them a seamless and design-centric appearance, and they are also easy to clean. Homeowners interested in this style of stovetop in their kitchen just need to choose a countertop material that is durable and does not stain easily.

Other great features in this new kitchen are a custom island with seating and front and back storage. There are also custom cabinets built to store jackets, bookbags, and other odds and ends by the door. The backsplash tiles, researched by the client and ordered from Italy, are stunning.

ACA left another happy set of clients after this remodel. In fact, the family has contracted them to continue remodeling the entire house in phases. This modern kitchen in East Cobb is just the beginning.

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Amazing! East Cobb Home Office Makeover!

Amazing East Cobb Home Office Makeover!

As you might expect after the start of the pandemic, many families are investing in home office renovations. In this East Cobb family, both partners work from home, so they dreamed of private office spaces so each of them could work without distractions. Fortunately, they found Atlanta Curb Appeal by word of mouth after a neighbor’s great experience with a kitchen remodel. 

This couple needed to be able to work and do conference calls without disturbing each other, so ACA reshuffled the rooms and subdivided the space to create offices with special acoustic-rated insulation. If you have ever been in a basement or downstairs office you can completely understand. Also, both couples enjoy the view of the lake behind their house, so both offices are situated to face the lake and are outfitted with large windows. Daylight in basements should always be a goal during renovations if possible. 

Adjusting the rooms also meant that ACA needed to remove some load-bearing walls to create the space. We consulted with the engineers and ended up using some large laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams to bear the weight of the upper floors. ACA also moved the duct work, electrical wires, and plumbing to the sides of the room. This allowed us to create an unusually high ceiling for a basement. ACA also dug out and reinforced a space for an exit door on the side of the house and installed sliding doors. Again, the focus is on the outdoors even though we were working on the basement level.

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ACA always welcomes the input and creativity of the homeowners that we work with. In many cases, clients want to include their own handiwork in the design of the remodel. In this case, the husband was very talented with woodworking. He built the sliding barn doors, the benches by the TV, and the built-in desks. ACA was happy to incorporate these elements into our own handiwork.

These homeowners were very pleased with their new space, and ACA had fun working with them. It’s a good thing… ACA is now moving to a Phase II renovation: a screened-in porch with a fireplace! Bring on the Georgia spring! 

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Stunning! East Cobb Kitchen and Mudroom Makeover

“On time, on budget, and exceeded our expectations!” That’s what this family said after Atlanta Curb Appeal renovated their kitchen. Interestingly, they interviewed 18 contractors before even deciding on ACA!


Their East Cobb home was built in the 1980s and was a true original; it had never been renovated. Visually, the home felt small since the lines of sight were blocked by too many walls. Obviously, the existing floor plan needed some modernization.

Before Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen demolition began when ACA removed the walls and doorways, expanded the walkways, and moved out one exterior wall to expand and open up the kitchen. Next, we moved the laundry room upstairs to create a proper mudroom. Finally, we relocated the garage entry door and stairs door to free up wall space in the kitchen.

One aspect of this East Cobb kitchen that was very important to the family was ventilation. They like to cook with lots of aromatics and spices, so they wanted to make sure that they could effectively vent out the kitchen smells. For that reason, ACA installed a commercial-grade hood vent over the range. To create this vented system, the builders connected the hood vent to a direct exterior vent supply they built in the garage.

The biggest challenges to the renovation were moving out the original exterior wall and removing the door to the stairs. ACA consulted with their in-house engineer to make sure that the structure would be sound with the changes. The result was a great flow to the kitchen, wider walkways, and a seamless look throughout the space.

Other new additions included an office space with French doors. The client works from home and needed a quiet, designated spot.  ACA built a beautiful custom desk right into the new area. The floors are a beautiful red oak, stained in a Minwax color called Provincial, and we applied three coats of polyurethane to protect the wood throughout the space.

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The homeowners are thrilled with the final results!

For their next project, these clients have decided to renovate their second level, but have decided not to interview 18 contractors this time!

The clear choice for them is Atlanta Curb Appeal.

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