3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Fence

In Marietta, GA East Cobb and Buckhead and throughout the Atlanta area searching for the perfect fence can frankly feel a little overwhelming. You want the perfect combination of quality and price. Here are 3 tips for finding the perfect fence.

Fence Installation for Marietta Fence Installation East Cobb

Marietta Fence Installation by Atlanta Curb Appeal

First, Atlanta Curb Appeal understands your fencing dilemma!

We know that it can be downright challenging when it comes to finding the right kind of fencing for your home because while functionality is an issue, you want it to look nice and blend in with your neighborhood.

A great contractor can help you evaluate those needs. Choose a contractor that is known for their quality bidding, gorgeous designs and of course quality construction. Atlanta Curb Appeal is known for these things and we can help you make wise decisions. First consider these things when selecting your new fence style.

1)Do I want my fence to match my personal style or my neighborhood’s style? Or is there a type of fence that would meet both needs?

2)Do I need it for keeping my children and animals safe? Do I need lockable gates? If you have a pool is the fence strong enough to keep out those who may harm themselves?

3)Is your fence for privacy or beauty? Rolling stone fences reminiscent of the country may not work if your grandmother tends to sun herself European style.

With so many different varieties and choices we take the time to learn about you and your home. Consider this, is the fence for privacy, containment, or beauty? Are your needs functional or simply for Marietta curb appeal? Once we understand your needs for a fence then we can began to offer you choices that best suit you.

Feel confident that at Atlanta Curb Appeal we take you step by step, panel by panel, to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We are able to get you a bid quickly and a detailed bid at that. In most cases, our quotes match our final bill, we don’t tack on “silly” expenses at the end because we underbid the job. We are used to working with investment bankers and realtors, so if you need weekly budget reports in Excel, we can provide that too!

Give us a call to get that quote started, 770-778-1172. Or check out our website to see some of the other things Atlanta Curb Appeal handles like sunrooms, outdoor living spaces, porches and more.

Atlanta Curb Appeal
Marietta, GA

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