Holiday Curb Appeal

Holiday Curb Appeal

The holidays are here, and that means either your inner Martha Stewart takes front and center stage or Jeff Foxworthy shows up in desperate need of a December copy of Better Homes and Garden. Assuming the former and you are ready to make your place fabulous for entertaining here are a few holiday curb appeal tips for your home.

Holiday Lights on House Curb Appeal

Holiday Lights
There is something magical about exterior holiday lights when you pull up to party. Obviously it works or Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade wouldn’t be such a draw. Years ago there were few choices when it came to exterior lighting, but now thanks to industrialization and a China factory explosion, there are so many different types of lights on the market. Each light style sets a different mood. Icicle lights to encourage frosty thoughts, big blinking bulbs to entertain the kids or simple white strands that say “elegance”. Use holiday lighting to set focal points or aimed at tall trees which create dramatic shadows.

Holiday Curb Appeal by Atlanta Curb Appeal

Holiday Decorating
A simple pair of matching snowmen at the mailbox might be your biggest decoration. But if you are having several parties this year, consider getting serious about your outdoor appeal. Wreaths and or bows on the shutters, evenly placed are always a traditional hit. Menorahs or single candles in the windows express warmth to the outside. And finally the entryway. Go big with green fresh garland wrapping the rails or columns, add some lights for an additional pop. Your main door wreath options are huge. Fresh natural pine is not only beautiful in design, but the scent is a nice welcoming touch.

Holiday Curb Appeal
Make sure the lawn is raked the day of your celebration if you still have leaves on the trees. Make sure all the flower and garden beds are cleared of dead buds and leaves. If you have an outdoor chimera get that cleaned up and loaded so all you have to do is light a match before an hour before the guests arrive. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

These holiday curb appeal tips are brought you to by Atlanta Curb Appeal. Interior and exterior contractors building in Atlanta and Buckhead great new decks, porches, decks and fences.

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