East Cobb Deck Building

East Cobb Deck

When building your East Cobb deck you should take into consideration a few things.



It is important to choose a great place that will work for your home. If you have to walk down a long path, jump over little garden gnome and hold onto a rickety stair rail something tells me people won’t think this is a fun barbeque. Choose a location that is easily accessible to not only the home but really pretty close to the kitchen. Half of entertaining is the food. The other half is your sparkling  and engaging personality!


Traditional is nice and function should be a major decision maker. In a traditional deck you expect the seats to pointing towards the best view and even better if you can incorporate some additional storage space to boot. But if you have a desire to go modern Atlanta Curb Appeal can help with that too. We have installed some gorgeous wood decks and exterior pieces that are european in design and beauty.


A great deck is not only worth its weight in gold on a gorgeous summer night but a well made deck is worth it years from now when you realize your investment is lasting longer than your neighbors. There are so many materials to choose from these days when it comes to building a deck. Different woods and different blends that can ensure long lasting craftsmanship. So much goes into making a deck (labor and design) it is important not to skip on quality and research at this point. Low maintenance decking is more affordable and can outlast many traditional woods. However if traditional wood fits your style there are special stains and treatments that can increase and extend their lifespans.

If you have a new deck in mind for 2013, let Atlanta Curb Appeal install it for you. We receive compliment after compliment about our quality of workmanship, our absolute dedication to detail and our ability to finish on time and on budget!

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