Front Door in East Cobb

Front Door Replaced East Cobb
We are so excited to share with you a new front door entry replacement we just completed in East Cobb. Our new client found us through a specials mailer many East Cobb homes received during the past Christmas break.

The original door was to be replaced and they called us. We discussed with them color choices and the client decided on this striking black. It looks beautiful.
We also discussed with the homeowner which type of door would work best for their home specifically.

They went with a fiberglass. It’s durable, high quality and low maintenance.

Also as you can see in the original red door below that not a lot of light was coming in.
Before Picture of Door in East Cobb by photo credit Atlanta Curb Appeal
Atlanta Curb Appeal fixed this East Cobb home by installing a new door with lots of windows. Now for this particular entryway the glass is double pane, this allows you to see well from the inside out but hardly see from the outside inside the home. Double pane glass like this is perfect for security.

The homeowner loves the way the sunshines falls into the front hallway now! 

Their new entryway door allows lots of day light into the main hall, which was the main reason for the exchange, together with esthetic.

You maybe wondering how long a front door job like this takes to replace. Time wise, this job only took a day of labor to switch the doors and painting only took a second day.

Atlanta Curb Appeal is ready to get your new front entryway door installed in East Cobb or Buckhead. We are the on time, on budget contractor. We work well with homeowners looking to add curb appeal and realtors looking to get a home ready for market. Atlanta Curb Appeal is big on keeping the owner in the loop with real time job progress photos or spreadsheets.

Call for us your free estimate. 770-778-1172.

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