15 Minute Curb Appeal

Let’s say you are trying to sell your house. And suddenly in the middle of making dinner and feeding the baby, you trip over the dog to reach your ringing cell phone.

It’s the realtor, she is bringing over some excited clients who have to see your home before they leave town.

What do you do?

Here are some curb appeal tips to get your home ready in 15 minutes. Remember first impressions are everything.

Selling your home curb appeal
1) Walk outside first and take care of the little things. Pick up any small pieces of trash, i.e. candy wrappers the kids sneaked out of your purse. Put all kids toys away and out of sight. If you can’t do this at the very least line them up nicely.

Welcome Mat

2) Look at the front door, is the welcome mat lined up? You never know if the potential clients are OCD. Next take a broom and do a quick sweep of any leaves that landed on the porch or stoop. Look up too, those cobwebs were cute in October, but not January.

Cat and dog couch

3) Pets are great if you are a pet person. But not everyone is. This where the nose, knows, smell is VERY IMPORTANT. If you have time sprinkle some baking powder down on the carpets and vacuum them up fast. Empty all litter boxes. If you happen to have hamster or some other rodents it might be best to let them live at Grandma’s house while your home is on the market but since it is a little late for that cleaning the cage will suffice.

4) Throw some cloves, vanilla and orange slices in some water on the stove and start boiling it. The aroma will help your home smell warm when they come in. Of course, don’t forget to turn the stove off before you leave or your house will smell really really warm, like smoke;).

5) Dump the diapers. If you have a diaper pail spray it down after you empty it. Spray down the changing table too, a little Lysol can go a long way. Or if you happen to have a guy who can’t make the mark a swish of bleach might be your best bet.

6) Leave the lights on. What’s the first thing the realtor does when they walk in the home? Turn on all the lights. You want the potential buyers to feel welcome.

Good luck with selling your new home. We hope these curb appeal tips have helped. If you need Curb Appeal in Atlanta, try Atlanta Curb Appeal we handle interior and exterior renovations throughout East Cobb and Buckhead. Front porches, interior painting, fences and decks are our specialty. We work very well with homeowners, out of town property owners and realtors getting homes ready for market.

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