East Cobb Stair Installation Fireplace Remodel and Decorative Braces

Here are a few of our latest projects Atlanta Curb Appeal has completed in East Cobb, Ga.

First up is this beautiful East Cobb fireplace. It turned out absolutely perfect! Don’t you just want to grab a cup of cocoa or glass goblet of Grand Marnier and sit for a spell?

Fireplace East Cobb

The original fireplace was a basic standard brick (see ‘before picture’ below) found in many homes and the homeowner was ready for a change.

Atlanta Curb Appeal covered these bricks with a multi-colored manufactured stone veneer. In addition we created and installed a new gorgeous custom cedar mantle.

In the before picture below you can see half of the standard bricks prior to the application of the natural looking stones. The client just loved this amazing transformation of their East Cobb fireplace.

East cobb fireplace installation


Next up was our client in East Cobb who wanted to open the wall next to his stairs by extending the stairs next to his living room. Doing this allowed for a more open floor plan when entering at the main door. In the ‘before picture’ you can see where we cut the drywall, re-routed the electric walls and added a support beam to carry the wide opening load. New trim came into place with the beautiful stained oak handrail.

This entire project took 2 days of labor. Imagine how easy a renovation like this could be completed in your home!

stairsAtlanta Curb Appeal Home renovation

And finally one of our previous clients loved our custom work we did for their front porch. We had added the beam posts a month ago along with the new porch tiles. Recently they decided to add some more handcrafted woodwork. Check out these braces.

braceAtlanta Curb Appeal Custom Beams and Braces

Atlanta Curb Appeal easily handles all these jobs big and small with precision and care. Our estimates are thorough, we don’t add on funny extras at the end to win your bid. Give us a call, 770-778-1172 to get a free estimate on any interior or exterior home improvements this spring!

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