Decatur Curb Appeal Porch Renovation

Atlanta Curb Appeal’s latest exterior makeover is from Decatur, GA. This porch renovation was a weekend project (3 days total) that the clients absolutely loved.  


Avi Moyal of Atlanta Curb Appeal shares their journey, “the owners wanted to change their front porch from closed brick and windows to something more open and modern but still complement their 1950’s style of home.

We ran by them a few ideas and made CAD drawings showing them the before and after plans. We didn’t really know how the demolition would go and what might actually be salvageable.  So truthfully the actual final design was not agreed upon yet when we started working. The homeowners and I came up with two scenarios and put two budgets together. Budget A for case one, plus a separate one if we indeed needed to go deeper into the demolition and use more materials.

1950's bungalow updating front in Decatur, GA by Atlanta Curb Appeal

The couple requested and encouraged us to stay with the original option A budget (as much as possible) and not to use the extra funds. So the Atlanta Curb Appeal crew spent all the first day removing (very gently) the rotted wood frame and the heavy windows as well as the two brick columns. We only left the roof structure and worked all the second day rebuilding from the ground up. We used 8×8 (dry) pressure treated wood for the post and boxed the bottom part to make it appear even wider.

The Atlanta Curb Appeal crew replaced everything with new boards and trim. We also installed a new railing that was requested by the owner which included a X style fence on the porch.

Curb Appeal in Decatur 1950's Bungalow exterior update

Columns Custom by Atlanta Curb Appeal

The last part of the job was the painting. Colors were picked by the owner with our advice and consult. The gray color is called Gray Clouds by Sherwin Williams SW7658 by Sherwin Williams we selected ended up being used for all of the front brick as well.

Gray Clouds by Sherwin Williams

The project in all took 3 days and the client and neighbors were super happy. We had lots of people coming up and talking to us in the neighborhood. Many requested our business card and asked us to give them ideas for their homes too. This is a very nice and united neighborhood, lots of young families that moving in and fixing up these vintage cute 1950’s houses.”

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