Hello To A New Portico in John’s Creek Alpharetta from Atlanta Curb Appeal

This past week we worked on a beautiful new portico in John’s Creek, GA. This is part one of two-part renovation. In Atlanta Curb Appeal‘s next blog post we will cover the siding we are adding, shutters, portico lighting and the exterior paint job.

“These are exactly the kinds of projects I LOVE to do and the main reason why I started this business.” Avi Moyal-Owner Atlanta Curb Appeal 770-778-1172


This 1980’s John’s Creek home was ready for an update. The clients found Atlanta Curb Appeal by searching online. We discussed in great detail their concerns going in. They wanted to change the flat 2-D look of the front of the house. What they envisioned was a covered area over the front entrance so that it would not only be more welcoming to guests but also for themselves when they brought in the shopping during inclement weather, etc. We went back and forth and finally decided on a portico with beautiful wood detail.

Atlanta Curb Appeal Portico Makeover

An interesting part of this story is that after we started working on this project the clients let us know that they had done heavy market research before selecting us. They had gotten NINE bidders on the project! What dedication! Atlanta Curb Appeal had topped them all and gotten the job. When asked what was their reason for selecting us out such a large pool of bids was that:

  • We gave good responses and communicated throughly
  • Our price was in the middle, not the most expensive nor the cheapest
  • Our professionalism when answering their questions was appreciated

Portico Installation Atlanta Curb Appeal

The portico turned out beautifully and they LOVE it! We can’t wait to share part two of this Atlanta Curb Appeal remodeling project.

Stay tuned for the next blog post when we discuss more details. We will share paint colors and more.

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