Gorgeous Modern Fence Installation in Smyrna, GA

“We started this new fence in yesterday and it was completed already today! Talk about fabulous turn around!” – Avi Moyal, Owner, Atlanta Curb Appeal

Fence Installation Smyrna Long view fence installation


From Avi, “The client found us on Yelp and called me. When I met this wonderful couple, they told me that they loved the reviews online and jokingly thought that people seemed almost as if they were ready to nominate me for an Oscar (because the reviews were so glowing). He actually wasn’t sure at first that they were verified clients of Atlanta Curb Appeal. I assured him they absolutely were and I was genuinely appreciative of the positive testimonials Atlanta Curb Appeal had been getting around the web since our start.

We had a great first visit and right away started discussing the design process. At this point in the meeting we examined the different pricing options of each fence style and the best corresponding wood choice for each one. They had really liked the photos of an arched fence we had recently done in Smyrna, GA for an Atlanta architect. The couple asked to go and see it live in person and afterwards decided right away this was indeed what they had in mind. We came back, sat down and they asked me to do the same thing for them with a few little adjustments.


photo 3-3

Our crew did a wonderful job. They worked efficiently, on budget and most importantly executed it well.


Today when we finished the job, he called me and wanted to say that our Atlanta Curb Appeal fence crew was not only fantastic but extremely professional.

He loved the craftsmanship and could not believe that we were able to get him such a truly well made fence. He was equally impressed with the markedly strong gates.

Custom Fence Installation and Well Made Gates by Atlanta Curb Appeal

We did our custom woodworking on site using a special tool called a mortisor, a woodworking tool. This creates mortise frame joints. Other fence companies typically just nail the boards to the posts which obviously breaks after a few short months. See our quick video showing off our mortise machine.


The fence is arched, which gives it a touch of flair that the client loved and the wood is left naturally to weather. It will do so beautifully in the coming months.

photo 2-2photo 5-1

I hope you enjoyed reading about this great new fence installation we did this past week in Smyrna. Give me a call if you would like to give you an estimate on any projects around your home.”  -Avi Moyal

Check out our gallery to see more pictures of Atlanta Curb Appeal’s work.

Atlanta Curb Appeal 770-778-1172

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