East Cobb Portico!

From Avi Moyal, owner of Atlanta Curb Appeal


“Recently some friends of ours saw our latest Alpharetta Portico on our Atlanta Curb Appeal Facebook page. They had a traditional flat front house too and thought that a new portico was exactly what they needed to help it stand out. Their property is unusually located on a corner lot at an angle facing the corner.

Another motivation in committing to a new portico was that for quite some time their front landing and stairs had been broken.

East Cobb Portico before

Numerous repairs over the years with patches proved only to be temporary and ended up destroying the brick and concrete with additional water damage. A new custom natural stone landing exterior would be perfect to keep the elements out. But before we added the new stone, a custom concrete belt was added to support the structure.

photo 2 (2)

In addition to new front entryway, we decided to add a new railing. Personally I envisioned the rail as a piece of jewelry to the new portico. An extension of it’s beauty if you will.

A final decision on the design came down to a photo they had found. It was a pretty portico but the designer’s skinny 2×2 lumber choice in the form was just not going to work with the dimensions of their actual landing. I assured her not to worry, we could do something very similar however, it would be even better, because a 2×4 would prove to be a more sturdy material to work with. The final results were AMAZING and so much more substantial!

photo 4 (1)

The new railing now included gorgeous posts and crown molding. Honestly, the rail was more of a decorative add on and one that has made people in the neighborhood stop by for a closer look at the beautiful details and workmanship. Look at the detail on the ceiling of the portico!

photo 2 (3)

The clients ABSOLUTELY LOVED the finished product. And already they have had several neighbors comment and ask about our work.

Thank you for letting us work with you both to bring your dreams to life!”

-Avi Moyal

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