Not One But Four Bathrooms Remodeled in Alpharetta Ga!

Bathroom Renovation Sandy Springs


(From Avi Moyal, owner of Atlanta Curb Appeal)

The new clients from Alpharetta found me while they did their morning jog in the neighborhood where I was just working on their next door neighbor. They asked me to bid on their 4 bathroom remodel job it was only against 5 other contractors and we ended up being the second lowest quote.”

“We met a few times to go over the project before starting. We discussed in rich detail the materials and the colors.  Both of us agreed upon a start date and a detailed work schedule. During this whole process, the clients and I maintained a high level of communication, which I personally feel is a key part of working with our customers. I think this why we have so many repeat clients, there is a peace of mind knowing exactly what is going on every step of the way (via phone, text, email, videos, pictures or spreadsheets).”

After-Master shower


This four bathroom remodel took us a total of 3 weeks to complete, from start to finish.

1) Demolition of walls

2) Expanded the shower area in the master

3) Redo all the plumbing for the new shower (because of expanded and wider shower area)

4) New tile on the floors and shower walls

5) New frameless glass shower doors

6) New vanity (done by other carpenter), we did the granite and all the new plumbing

7)New bathroom lighting

8) New ceiling vents

9) New paint

10) Install new mirrors


“The clients also decided to go ahead and just get all new faucets and shower sets for the new remodeled master and other bathrooms in the house. She was really hands on and selected all of her mirrors, light fixtures, faucets and even tile collections by herself. Some clients have a good sense of taste and know precisely what they like. While others may need slightly more direction from us or from professional interior decorators.”

After-Master Jacuzzi


“Our favorite part of this bathroom renovation is definitely the master bathroom with it’s wide shower and built in wall shelf for shampoo and toiletries and the big bench.”

After - Master

“They loved the designed floor tile we suggested with the squares (as seen on the photo above). This four bath remodel turned out beautifully.” -Avi Moyal, Owner, Atlanta Curb Appeal


Customer Review Atlanta Curb Appeal

Atlanta Curb Appeal works in East Cobb, Ga, Sandy Springs, GA and the surrounding areas. Give us a call if you have a job that you would like a free estimate for! Our estimates are complete, reasonable and thorough.

Atlanta Curb Appeal


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