His and Hers Offices: 2020 Home Improvements

Screaming kids, short walks to the kitchen, distracting media devices – there are hurdles to productivity when you and your partner are working from home, and the coronavirus pandemic could make working at home a preferred strategy for many companies in the future.

Maybe it is time to start looking at an in-home office remodel or addition! Plus, if you are both working at home – why not go the extra step and build a HIS and HERS office? Statistically, people are more productive the more organized their workspaces are. While it was novel having your “home office” at the kitchen table, with its spilt dried milk and broken cheerios, having a dedicated space to focus is the answer to many problems. Simply shut the door and suddenly you have a boundary, a new place to take calls and answer emails, un-interrupted!

At Atlanta Curb Appeal, we have seen an uptick in estimates for home offices, and we would like to share a few ideas to help get the ball rolling.

Here are four tips to consider before you build:

  1. Find a style that you both like – While personal tastes may vary between the two of you, try to find a unifying style that you can both feel comfortable in. Work together to settle on an overarching category (farmhouse, modern, industrial, etc.) and then you can personalize your individual work spaces.
  2. Get Organized – For maximum productivity, especially with two people working in the same space, it must be as clutter free as possible! ACA can help you incorporate smart storage solutions through cabinetry, custom shelving, and other organizational features that will help keep both of your work spaces neat and tidy. One study concluded that untidy workspaces undermine people’s persistence in completing tasks. If you have a place for everything, you no longer have to stack reports on the chair next to the bed.
  3. Don’t forget about comfort – If your derriere is going to be in a chair for eight hours a day, comfort is key! Otherwise, you will end up on the couch. (Asleep. With coffee pouring on your lap.) ACA can help you create a space that you and your partner will never want to leave!
  4. Optimize light – Light is an important component to creativity, problem solving, and work ethic. Glaring fluorescent light will zap it in a heartbeat, but low, dim lighting will likely lull you to sleep. Find a way to let in natural light and then add a warm light fixture to create a welcoming and productive space.

If you are ready to add an in-home office space, contact ACA to get started!

Garage Addition East Cobb


Modern Bathroom Remodel by Atlanta Curb Appeal

Gorgeous Master Bathroom Remodel in Atlanta

Atlanta rain can be nice, especially when the pollen is covering our neighborhoods like a yellow sheet of snow. However, when it’s starts pouring inside the house, then you’ve got problems. This particular Atlanta Curb Appeal bathroom remodeling job started because a neighbor’s pipe burst in his condo in Buckhead.

Marble Tile Freestanding Soaking Tub Installation Atlanta Curb Appeal

Marble Tile, Freestanding Soaking Tub

Unfortunately, the entire unit was flooded. The company handling the removal of drywalls and floors, D.O.N.E. Restoration of Marietta, gave us a call to see if we would be interested in helping out in the re-construction process. We fixed the missing drywall, painted the unit and replaced the hardwood floors. The customer was so happy with our work, he decided to go ahead and renovate the Master Bathroom.

Decisions to Be Made
First the client had to decide if he was going to keep the same layout or expand. If you are going to have to demolition the bathroom anyways, you should consider all possibilities. Together we came up with a plan to enlarge his bathroom by taking some of the square footage from a big walk-in closet located behind the shower. In this new space he was able to do a bigger shower, add a freestanding soaking tub (it is deeper than a standard tub) and a double vanity. This is the definition of modern comfort and luxury in today’s American home.

Modern Bathroom Computer Controlled

Modern Faucets Computer Controlled

Choosing Materials
Next came selecting the materials. The client himself picked out the new marble tile and thermostat faucets. This modern bathroom is like something out of the future. The water system has automatic temperature control directed by a computer behind the wall. This computer is connected to all the water valves for the shower and bath.

Modern Thermostat for Showers

Modern Shower Remembers Your Favorite Temperature

New Bathroom Technology
In the shower, we added the latest technology, a computer temperature control valve. These controlled valves not only keep the water the optimal temperature but also allow the user to preset according to your personal choice. These new showers have the added bonus of avoiding dangerous scalds.

Bathroom Remodel in Buckhead by Atlanta Curb Appeal

Bathroom Remodel in Buckhead by Atlanta Curb Appeal

As you can imagine it was a big challenge to install all of these components and pipes inside the walls and then connect them to the computer box. We built it so that you could fully access the back-end for future maintenance. Also before we installed the new shower and tub we had to change the water lines and drain system under the floor to make space for the new location of the tub and shower.

Job Time
This bathroom remodel time took 3 weeks. We did all the work from beginning to end. Including a big demolition.

In our next post we are going to discuss questions you should ask yourself when remodeling a bathroom.

Thanks for reading,
Avi Moyal,
Atlanta Curb Appeal (owner)

Buckhead Curb Appeal Exterior Renovations Part 2 of 2

This is part 2 of two part series (read part 1 here) of an amazing Buckhead renovation Atlanta Curb Appeal did last month. A Buckhead couple found Atlanta Curb Appeal online and contacted them regarding a total house makeover for their Buckhead bungalow.


“This is exactly the kind of project I LOVE to do and the main reason why I started this business. I told the client that this is going to be a showcase project.” Avi Moyal-Owner Atlanta Curb Appeal

The clients wanted to change the look of the front elevation and to add more sitting area for entertaining and relaxing. They also wanted to hide the white brick that ran along the bottom half of the front of the house. Atlanta Curb Appeal came up with a few design ideas which they really liked and led us to the detailed design and the final CAD drawings.

First, we built a nice front deck and a pergola that added a lot of room onto the front of the house.

Pergola and Deck Atlanta Curb Appeal

This pergola lets the beauty of nature’s skyline come through.

Their home is on a hill, so since they already enjoyed their front view from the living room, the addition of a porch allowed for a continued unobstructed gaze. It also added more space to enjoy Atlanta outdoor living!

Buckhead Pergola

The deck bottom was covered with a horizontal 1×6 wood planks to give a complete uniform look to the added structure and to hide the white brick wall and deck post. Instead of using a standard common railing, Avi Moyal (owner of Atlanta Curb Appeal) designed a new decorative railing that added a great focal point to the deck. The railing design continues and is carried from the upper deck down the stairs to the front gate. The clients porch gate was requested to keep their dogs in.

Porch railing covers brick on Buckhead home

Next up was new lights added to both sides of the long front window and a few more under the new extended entrance cover. We also replaced all the window shutters in the house to custom made cedar shutters that were then stained.

Atlanta Curb Appeal Back Porch Window Shutter Entry

New window boxes were built from cedar wood and stained as well to match. In addition, Atlanta Curb Appeal took off the old storm door and painted the old red door in dark brown. To stay within their budget, we decided against replacing the entire house siding. The client instead opted for the more economically friendly choice of painted vinyl siding by using a very unique paint from Benjamin Moore that sticks well to vinyl. This special paint is still elastic enough to expand and contract with the weather changes.

We also replaced some of the vinyl siding with cedar shingles (top left triangle and all of the garage front).

garage face update cedar shingles

The concrete landing from the driveway to the stairs and up to the main door, got covered with natural flag stone.

A big flower box was custom build to lay under the left window and provides cover for the white brick wall that was there before.

Front Porch Lights

Buckhead Renovation Work Week by Week Progress

First week was the carpenter work; changed the vinyl to cedar shingles (garage and top left front), we built the deck, pergola, railing, extended entrance long cover with the two big columns in the front than covered the bottom deck part. Next, all window shutters and boxes were made. However we installed them after painting the exterior.

Second week the electrician came to wire all the new lights and installed new light fixtures.

Third week, the stone guy worked for three days and covered all the stairs and landings.

Forth week came the painters, they also pressure washed the entire exterior of the house.

Fifth week, all new window boxes and shutters got installed.

We hope you enjoyed this breakdown of work we did recently and hope you will share with any friends who are thinking of doing some renovations on their Buckhead, East Cobb or Roswell homes soon.

Thanks from Atlanta Curb Appeal!



Buckhead Home Renovation Atlanta Curb Appeal

Buckhead Curb Appeal Exterior Renovations

“This is exactly the kind of project I LOVE to do and the main reason why I started this business. I told the client that this is going to be a showcase project.” Avi Moyal-Owner Atlanta Curb Appeal

The background story:

This young couple bought a nice older home in Buckhead and found me online to give some ideas for better curb appeal.

Renovation Buckhead by Atlanta Curb Appeal

BEFORE-Atlanta Curb Appeal Renovations

I met with them and we discussed a few design options and plans for them to consider.

They liked the first proposal and asked to move forward to  the design process. A week later I met with them again and presented our drawings for the proposed design.

After a few days of negotiating and design adjustments, they approved the scope of work and budget. Work started Monday of this week and we are getting a good results and progress. There is nothing like getting the ball moving quickly and seeing the joy of the homeowner as their home begins to transform.

The house is a little bungalow siding exterior and here is the list of things we are going to do:

Phase – 1

  • Paint the entire exterior of the house (special paint from Benjamin Moore for vinyl siding).
  • Extend the entrance roof cover to go all the way over the stairs
  • Build a new 16×10 deck and a pergola on top made of pressure treated wood.
  • Building a decorative handrail around the deck and along the stairs
  • Cover all concrete stairs with stone
  • Add a gate at the bottom of the stairs for the dogs
  • Replace top pick triangle of siding with cedar shakes (cedar is a gorgeous choice)
  • Add new lights in the new extended entrance roof cover plus 2 new wall mount exterior lights on the deck
  • Replace window shutters (custom made)
  • Adding window boxes
  • Build a new flower box 10′ long to cover the old white brick on the left side of the house
  • Cover the bottom columns of the deck with horizontal 1×6 wood
Buckhead Craftsman renovations Atlanta Curb Appeal

BEFORE Atlanta Curb Appeal Renovations

We can’t wait to share more about this amazing home in Buckhead we are updating. Check out our next post that will include more photographs and details of the work in progress.

Atlanta Curb Appeal New Porch New Pergola Buckhead

New Pergola and New Deck Buckhead Renovation by Atlanta Curb Appeal

May Weather Means Outdoor Entertaining!

With April firmly behind us and May beginning Atlanta Curb Appeal has seen an increase of homeowners focused on creating a great East Cobb or Buckhead space outdoors. Let this Summer 2013 be the best ever by planning ahead before the good times roll in.

Because honestly, isn’t it time to get your new deck you have been dreaming about added on or finally get that porch enclosed this year?

East Cobb Deck

We think so. But before you buy the new seat cushions and umbrella the more important decision is choosing a reputable company to accomplish the work. Today’s customers are savvy and we know you want to do a little research before you get that free estimate.

Before you go today, please Follow Us on Facebook so we are around when you’re ready.

BACKGROUND: We have a great deal of experience working in East Cobb and Buckhead on all size projects. Time and time again after our customers complete one job with us they come back for with new projects because they have found a someone they can trust. At Atlanta Curb Appeal we are stringent about quality. When we bid on a project we give you a great price and don’t tack on funny extras at the end. We show up on time and finish on time. Because we don’t take what we have earned lightly. The client’s respect is very valuable to us.

REVIEWS: We have been so grateful for the consistently positive feedback we have received and wanted to share a few places you could take a look at it before you call us.

Google Plus Reviews

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Yelp Customer Reviews

Atlanta Curb Appeal East Cobb Buckhead Interior Painting

Atlanta Curb Appeal Website Customer Reviews 

Then again a deck may not be needed right now, perhaps you are considering an outdoor kitchen or fireplace. Atlanta Curb Appeal handles these too.

Call Avi Moyal at Atlanta Curb Appeal today to get set up 770-778-1172 or check out our website for more remodeling ideas.

Thanks for reading today.

Spring Updating from Atlanta Curb Appeal

Spring Updating from Atlanta Curb Appeal

Spring cherry tree Corbis Royalty Free

It’s officially spring in Georgia! After this gray winter it is time to bring in spring with some fanfare. Here are some ideas to encourage you this season.

Air it out, when it’s sunny outside get those dog beds and heavy blankets a nice dose of sunshine. The smells and odors of winter and fall need to go! Don’t forget to give the tops of the dressers, bookcases and doorframes a nice dusting with a electrostatic reducing cloth. One tip is to use a dryer sheet, it repels future dust bunnies.

Clean out the closets! The ol’ dreaded winter summer change out. Oh boy there is nothing more time consuming for a mother (except maybe baseball) then waiting for the seasons to change and the transition in the drawers. One day it is blazing while the next it is freezing. But alas it needs to be done. You can’t go swimming in sweatpants. Take the time to start putting in some summer clothes. If possible leave two boxes in the closet (not in the middle of the room-that equals inner frustation). One for winter and one for summer. As the season progress and you put away laundry put the winter in the winter box and take out the summer accordingly.

Declutter, out with the old in with the new. If you still have Christmas or Hanukkah decorations hanging around its time for them to go back home to their boxes in the basement or attic. Then take a basket and walk around the house and give a gut wrenching glance at all the surfaces and ask yourself, “what can be put away (in an organized fashion) and what needs to stay”.  And don’t forget the top of the refrigerator! Yes, its the perfect place for the dog leash and the latest toy the kids are fighting over but in all honesty your inner feng shui tuning fork will thank you when you’re done. If you want to feel really REALLY good go ahead and just donate all the stuff you just decluttered your house with to a women’s shelter or Goodwill.

Spring project ideas from Atlanta Curb Appeal

Cherry cherry cheerful! Bring the brightness of Spring with some fresh blooms. Whether live in pots, cut in vases or prints on bedding or in the bath. Pops of color can do a world of good especially when mother nature decides to bring those April showers by. Find some happy new towels for the bath or kitchen, a small reminder to yourself that all is well with the world when you exercise a small dose of self care.

If you want to get started on that new porch or sunroom and really bring the spring sunshine in give Atlanta Curb Appeal a call at 770-778-1172. We specialize in interior and exterior projects for homes in the East Cobb and Buckhead areas. Fences, decks, outdoor kitchens, bathrooms, interior painting, you name it, we do it! On budget and on time with fantastic workmanship. Check out our East Cobb contractor reviews.

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays 

Holiday decorating holiday remodeling by Atlanta Curb Appeal

Make holiday entertaining easier with some fresh updates

Fall is in the air.  Although the days are still warm, you can feel a crispness in the air as the days grow shorter and the leaves start changing color.  Before we know it, the holiday season will be upon us. If you’re like my family, the holiday season usually means a whole lot of entertaining and catching up with family and friends.  There’s no time like the present to get your home ready to wow the socks off your dear ones!  Here is a short list of some great ways to improve your home for holiday hosting:
How about a fresh coat of paint?

Atlanta Curb Appeal gets homes ready for the holidays in East Cobb

Make the guest bedroom warmer with a new coat of paint from Atlanta Curb Appeal

I’m not suggesting your whole house… Take a look at the rooms where you do the majority of entertaining and decide if they can benefit from a brighter or warmer color of interior painting.  Or perhaps the exterior of your home could use some color touch ups or a change all together? Isn’t it true that every time you get remodeling done, you think to yourself, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”.

New exterior front door

Front Door Getting Home Ready for Holidays

Atlanta Curb Appeal is knocking, ready to install that new door.

If you have been reading articles about home improvement and items which offer the biggest bang for the buck and best return on investment, front doors keep coming up in the top three over and over again.  As guests make their way up your walkway, nothing says welcome to our beautiful home like a great front door.  There are so many styles to choose from. All you have to do is decide on your budget and take it from there!

Guest bathroom facelift

Bathroom Update helps get Buckhead Home Ready for the Holidays

Atlanta Curb Appeal installed this vanity in East Cobb

Is your guest bathroom in pristine condition?  Updating tiles, lights, fixtures and refinishing cabinets is an affordable way to give your bathroom a makeover without doing a complete renovation.  These updates will not go unnoticed.

Kitchen updates

Kitchen Cabinets in recent East Cobb renovation

Kitchen Cabinets in recent East Cobb renovation

If your home is like our home, the kitchen is the hub for entertainment!  If a complete remodel is not in your 2012 plans, easy updates like new backsplash, paint, cabinet hardware and lighting are a great way to give your kitchen a new look.  If you have time and money, you can take it a step further with new countertops, adding an island or refinishing your cabinets.

Shutters and trim

Getting Buckhead House For the Holidays Natural Wood Trim

Gorgeous wood trim!

Another great way to improve your home’s curb appeal is to put up new shutters and repaint the trim on the house or the porch. Shutters made from natural wood will make your house look like a million bucks.

There are many more things that can be done to improve your home, inside and out.   Atlanta Curb Appeal is happy to come by for a free consultation and discuss ways to improve your home, regardless the size of your budget. Call us today. 770-778-1172

“Atlanta Curb Appeal just completed a number of projects inside and for the exterior of our house. This is the most responsive and professional contractor I’ve ever worked with” 

Bob F of Marietta on Yelp