May Weather Means Outdoor Entertaining!

With April firmly behind us and May beginning Atlanta Curb Appeal has seen an increase of homeowners focused on creating a great East Cobb or Buckhead space outdoors. Let this Summer 2013 be the best ever by planning ahead before the good times roll in.

Because honestly, isn’t it time to get your new deck you have been dreaming about added on or finally get that porch enclosed this year?

East Cobb Deck

We think so. But before you buy the new seat cushions and umbrella the more important decision is choosing a reputable company to accomplish the work. Today’s customers are savvy and we know you want to do a little research before you get that free estimate.

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BACKGROUND: We have a great deal of experience working in East Cobb and Buckhead on all size projects. Time and time again after our customers complete one job with us they come back for with new projects because they have found a someone they can trust. At Atlanta Curb Appeal we are stringent about quality. When we bid on a project we give you a great price and don’t tack on funny extras at the end. We show up on time and finish on time. Because we don’t take what we have earned lightly. The client’s respect is very valuable to us.

REVIEWS: We have been so grateful for the consistently positive feedback we have received and wanted to share a few places you could take a look at it before you call us.

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Then again a deck may not be needed right now, perhaps you are considering an outdoor kitchen or fireplace. Atlanta Curb Appeal handles these too.

Call Avi Moyal at Atlanta Curb Appeal today to get set up 770-778-1172 or check out our website for more remodeling ideas.

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East Cobb Deck Building

East Cobb Deck

When building your East Cobb deck you should take into consideration a few things.



It is important to choose a great place that will work for your home. If you have to walk down a long path, jump over little garden gnome and hold onto a rickety stair rail something tells me people won’t think this is a fun barbeque. Choose a location that is easily accessible to not only the home but really pretty close to the kitchen. Half of entertaining is the food. The other half is your sparkling  and engaging personality!


Traditional is nice and function should be a major decision maker. In a traditional deck you expect the seats to pointing towards the best view and even better if you can incorporate some additional storage space to boot. But if you have a desire to go modern Atlanta Curb Appeal can help with that too. We have installed some gorgeous wood decks and exterior pieces that are european in design and beauty.


A great deck is not only worth its weight in gold on a gorgeous summer night but a well made deck is worth it years from now when you realize your investment is lasting longer than your neighbors. There are so many materials to choose from these days when it comes to building a deck. Different woods and different blends that can ensure long lasting craftsmanship. So much goes into making a deck (labor and design) it is important not to skip on quality and research at this point. Low maintenance decking is more affordable and can outlast many traditional woods. However if traditional wood fits your style there are special stains and treatments that can increase and extend their lifespans.

If you have a new deck in mind for 2013, let Atlanta Curb Appeal install it for you. We receive compliment after compliment about our quality of workmanship, our absolute dedication to detail and our ability to finish on time and on budget!

Curb Appeal HGTV John Gidding at Atlanta Home Show

Curb Appeal HGTV John Gidding Atlanta Home Show

Look who Atlanta Curb Appeal owner Avi Moyal ran into at the Atlanta Home this past weekend!

John Gidding Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal John Gidding with Avi Moyal of Atlanta Curb Appeal

Did you make it to the Fall 2012 Atlanta Home Show this past weekend?

There were a lot of great booths there. Share what you learned!

Top Things to Consider When Building a New Deck – Part II – Deck Materials

Here’s are the top things to consider when building a new deck. Today we discuss deck materials. Go here to read Atlanta Curb Appeal’s part 1 of our series about initial considerations when building a new deck.

Marietta Cobb Deck Builder

When choosing material for your deck, is there a right or wrong choice?

Does your family have large or narrow budget?

What size and shape will suit your family needs?

Here is an overview of the materials typically used for building new decks:

Cedar Decks: This wood has been a popular choice for decks in Marietta, East Cobb and Buckhead for several decades.   It is available in both a sap (knotty) and heartwood grade (clear kiln dried). Left untreated it will eventually turn silvery gray and then to a very dark brown. Decks made from cedar need to be thoroughly sealed to protect it from the elements. The lifespan of a cedar deck is between a 10 to 15 years in the South but performs much better in other parts of the country.  It is resistant to decay, but relatively soft and quick to weather. Preservative treatment/sealing is recommended.

Hardwood Decks: These include products such as, Ironwood, Mahogany, and Epee. These exotic hardwoods are popular for their toughness and durability. They do not require a maintenance program to keep them looking good. If a protective stain is not used they will turn an attractive silver color, but still need to be cleaned to ward off algae growth.
These hardwoods cost more, but seem to be durable and look very nice. If you wish to keep the rich beauty of your exotic hardwood deck, you will have a good bit of routine maintenance, either yearly or sometimes twice a year. Keep this in mind when budgeting your new deck project.

Pressure-Treated Decking: The idea behind pressure treated wood is to make it last longer and keep your deck from rotting.  After all, decks can be a significant investment, so who wants to be replacing them every 10-15 years?

Since pressure treated wood was first invented, significant improvements have been made to keep it from fading, warping and twisting. Today, there are better grades available, added preservatives as well as stains and sealers that all add to your deck’s lifespan.
It is available in nearly every lumber outlet – in various grades and in common lumber dimensions plus 5/4 (spoken five-quarter) decking profiles.

Composite Decking: This is a low maintenance product that was introduced in the 90’s. The material has evolved and improved over years and is now mainly made from PVC.  Decks made from composite material are often seen on commercial properties.

Would you like to read more about deck building?

Atlanta Curb Appeal is the leader Marietta, GA, East Cobb, GA and Buckhead, GA deck building. Our crews are top notch, we show up and finish on time. Our turnaround on quotes is always a nice surprise to our new customers and the fact that we come in on budget astounds others. Allow our owner, trained architect Avi Moyal, build you a deck that’s structurally sound, fully functional and gorgeous to boot!

Check out our website to see our current specials on new deck installs.

Top 5 Things To Consider When Building a Deck Part 1

Although summer is winding down, residents of East Cobb, Marietta and Buckhead can enjoy outdoor decks most of the year thanks to our mild Georgia weather. Outdoor decks are consistently listed as one of the top 5 home investments where you can see return on your investment. So whether you’re considering a new deck to sell your home faster or simply for your own enjoyment, here are some things to consider:

  1. Consider the architectural style of your home and select a deck style that will integrate naturally.  For example, if you have a modern home, then you will want clean, simple lines rather than ornate woodwork.
  2. Decks are a great way to cover up some exterior flaws and enhance your outdoor living experience . In these pictures below Atlanta Curb Appeal was able to build around the outdoor water panel and keep it hidden with beautiful slats.Hiding a water tank with custom woodwork
  3. If your backyard has plenty of tall trees, inherent to Georgia terrain, then your grass may be suffering from a lack of sunshine. A great way to cover up dull lawn that refuses to grow, is to add a wooden deck and turn our backyard into an area perfect for playing and entertaining.
  4. Don’t forget about adding shade with a pergola. Hanging out on the deck while protected from direct sunlight is one of life’s delights. Hang a hammock, set up some outdoor furniture and now you have an additional space to entertain or relax.
  5. Decks aren’t just for back yards. Depending on your home’s landscape, sometimes a front yard deck is the right solution

    Front Deck Photo Credit Art Gray

    Better Homes and Garden; Photo Credit: Art Gray

  6. And one extra tip for good luck! When choosing material for your deck, remember there is no right or wrong choice. Your decision will be based on your family needs and budget, the good news is that the range is wide, so get a free estimate to see what your options truly are.

Our next blog post will cover the variety of material available for decks.

Atlanta Curb Appeal is an exterior and interior contractor working in Marietta, East Cobb and Buckhead, GA neighborhoods. We build decks, outdoor living spaces, pergolas, sun rooms and more. Our customers appreciate our fast turnaround on estimates, that we show up and finish on time and finally that we don’t tack on funny charges at the end. We know how to bid a job because owner Avi Moyal is trained as a technical architect.

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