Portico F.A.Q.

Portico F.A.Q.

What is a Portico?

“A portico is a porch leading to the entrance of a building, or extended as a colonnade, with a roof structure over a walkway, supported by columns or enclosed by walls. This idea was widely used in Ancient Greece and has influenced many cultures, including most Western cultures” from Wikipedia.

What are the most popular styles of Porticos?

At Atlanta Curb Appeal, the most popular portico style we have been seeing this year is the Colonial Portico. Below are two examples of Colonial Style Porticos we have created in the past twelve months.

photo 2 (2)

JohnsCreekExterior2How much does a Portico cost?

A standard Portico will cost about $5K. Special custom details can increase the price.

What are some of the choices to be made when selecting a Portico?

Surprisingly there are a lot of decisions to be made. We can help guide the homeowner to a design that will best accentuate their curb appeal.

What are the benefits of a Portico?

Portico benefits include shelter from the rain and protection from direct sunlight to the entryway. Porticos also give an air of dignity and polish to your home’s exterior. Finally they increase the overall property value of the home.

Are there any limitations to installing a Portico?

No limitations, but enough space is required above the door so a gabled roof can be attached. Some homes have a low placed second floor window, which necessitates a flat roof instead of a gabled one.

Here is a list of options for a new Portico installation

Column shape

  • Square Solid
  • Square with Inlay
  • Round

Roofing Materials for Porticos

  • Matching Shingles
  • Metal
  • Copper
  • Aluminum

Column Length

  • Full length
  • Half Columns ending in Stone
  • 3/4 Columns ending in Stone

Column Quantity

  • 4 corners
  • 2 front corners
  • Double Column in Front

Roof Style

  • Pointed Gable
  • Flat with Small Rise
  • Triangle Gable
  • Curved
  • Pointed Gable with Interior Curve Design


  • Ground Level
  • Add on Porch with no sides
  • Add on Porch with 2 sides
  • Add on Porch with Sides and Gate

Interior Ceiling

  • Flat
  • Curved
  • Inlaid Wood Design


  • Single Hanging Fixture (very popular)
  • Wall Fixture
  • Uplighting on columns

Installing a new Portico onto your home can be a fantastic way to increase curb appeal. Atlanta Curb Appeal installs Porticos in East Cobb, Marietta, Alpharetta, John’s Creek and Towne Lake. Please check out our online reviews on our testimonials page on our website.

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Siding Replacement, New Shutters and More Curb Appeal in John’s Creek

This is Phase Two of a series about a gorgeous renovation Atlanta Curb Appeal did in John’s Creek these past few weeks.  Go here to read Phase One.



  1. Replace three sides old siding of the house
  2. Paint the new siding
  3. Paint the front brick
  4. Replace the windows shutters


At Atlanta Curb Appeal we always aim to hit our original quote. We keep detailed spreadsheet budgets to ensure this. In fact the clients for this particular project interviewed nine contractors before deciding on us and this was one of our selling points, our ability to stay within budget. In fact, I am happy to say the only difference from the original quote was the additional request by the owner to also go ahead and replace the gutters while we out there working.


During this process, I (Avi Moyal, owner) recommended to replace the two entrance lights by the main entrance door. I gave them some design directions as to what I knew would work in this space. My suggestion was lights that were modern, square looking, big and vertical yet with rectangular shaped lights. The couple loved these new exterior entrance lights so much that they requested we add another pair near the garage doors.


We also had a lot of discussions on what kind of window shutters to go with, in regards to actual design style and materials. Together we found online a pair of shutters that were very nice but unfortunately were also very expensive. Using that design we decided to custom build some specifically for them. We also installed beautiful cedar wood shutters whose design matched perfectly the style of the Portico we built in Phase One.

Portico prior to exterior finishing-notice the custom interior ceiling.

During the painting of the house we had to cut down and remove lots of shrubs
and roots that were too close to the brick wall. These bushes would not allow us access
to paint the wall to our high standards. Since we had already planned to cut these anyways as part of Phase Three landscaping, we just went ahead and removed them. This exposed more of the front elevation.


It took about a week to finish all siding replacement and exterior painting. The actual siding work was done by a company I team up with for this scale of siding replacement. They are my business partners every time I need siding work, Harmony and Chris of HP Exteriors. I highly recommend them because their level of perfection matches what our clients expect.


We had a few meetings before and after with the client, where we
discussed all the parts of the project and the materials to be used in great detail. Additionally we exchanged continuous emails and phone conversations during the process to make sure everyone was content.

The client is so HAPPY that they just approved the budget for Phase Three!

They are thrilled with Atlanta Curb Appeal’s work and are proud of their home’s new look. Lots of neighbors have been coming in and continue to do so, just to check in and meet that couple that have given such a huge facelift to their home. We have gotten bid requests from their close neighbors for more work on their street.

As I have said before, big curb appeal projects like this are why I started this business, it’s thrilling to watch the transformation and the response from the client and their neighbors.

Atlanta Curb Appeal


Phase Three will be landscaping. A new custom stone walkway, new sod and the work of taking down a few trees. We also will be adding sprinklers systems to the front and back yards and handling the deck staining. Finally we will be adding new flower beds and landscape lights in the front, to light the walkway, house and trees.

Can’t wait to share with you a “finale” picture!

Call us if you have been inspired to add some curb appeal to your East Cobb, Roswell or Sandy Springs home.


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Hello To A New Portico in John’s Creek Alpharetta from Atlanta Curb Appeal

This past week we worked on a beautiful new portico in John’s Creek, GA. This is part one of two-part renovation. In Atlanta Curb Appeal‘s next blog post we will cover the siding we are adding, shutters, portico lighting and the exterior paint job.

“These are exactly the kinds of projects I LOVE to do and the main reason why I started this business.” Avi Moyal-Owner Atlanta Curb Appeal 770-778-1172


This 1980’s John’s Creek home was ready for an update. The clients found Atlanta Curb Appeal by searching online. We discussed in great detail their concerns going in. They wanted to change the flat 2-D look of the front of the house. What they envisioned was a covered area over the front entrance so that it would not only be more welcoming to guests but also for themselves when they brought in the shopping during inclement weather, etc. We went back and forth and finally decided on a portico with beautiful wood detail.

Atlanta Curb Appeal Portico Makeover

An interesting part of this story is that after we started working on this project the clients let us know that they had done heavy market research before selecting us. They had gotten NINE bidders on the project! What dedication! Atlanta Curb Appeal had topped them all and gotten the job. When asked what was their reason for selecting us out such a large pool of bids was that:

  • We gave good responses and communicated throughly
  • Our price was in the middle, not the most expensive nor the cheapest
  • Our professionalism when answering their questions was appreciated

Portico Installation Atlanta Curb Appeal

The portico turned out beautifully and they LOVE it! We can’t wait to share part two of this Atlanta Curb Appeal remodeling project.

Stay tuned for the next blog post when we discuss more details. We will share paint colors and more.

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Decatur Curb Appeal Porch Renovation

Atlanta Curb Appeal’s latest exterior makeover is from Decatur, GA. This porch renovation was a weekend project (3 days total) that the clients absolutely loved.  


Avi Moyal of Atlanta Curb Appeal shares their journey, “the owners wanted to change their front porch from closed brick and windows to something more open and modern but still complement their 1950’s style of home.

We ran by them a few ideas and made CAD drawings showing them the before and after plans. We didn’t really know how the demolition would go and what might actually be salvageable.  So truthfully the actual final design was not agreed upon yet when we started working. The homeowners and I came up with two scenarios and put two budgets together. Budget A for case one, plus a separate one if we indeed needed to go deeper into the demolition and use more materials.

1950's bungalow updating front in Decatur, GA by Atlanta Curb Appeal

The couple requested and encouraged us to stay with the original option A budget (as much as possible) and not to use the extra funds. So the Atlanta Curb Appeal crew spent all the first day removing (very gently) the rotted wood frame and the heavy windows as well as the two brick columns. We only left the roof structure and worked all the second day rebuilding from the ground up. We used 8×8 (dry) pressure treated wood for the post and boxed the bottom part to make it appear even wider.

The Atlanta Curb Appeal crew replaced everything with new boards and trim. We also installed a new railing that was requested by the owner which included a X style fence on the porch.

Curb Appeal in Decatur 1950's Bungalow exterior update

Columns Custom by Atlanta Curb Appeal

The last part of the job was the painting. Colors were picked by the owner with our advice and consult. The gray color is called Gray Clouds by Sherwin Williams SW7658 by Sherwin Williams we selected ended up being used for all of the front brick as well.

Gray Clouds by Sherwin Williams

The project in all took 3 days and the client and neighbors were super happy. We had lots of people coming up and talking to us in the neighborhood. Many requested our business card and asked us to give them ideas for their homes too. This is a very nice and united neighborhood, lots of young families that moving in and fixing up these vintage cute 1950’s houses.”

Call 770-778-1172 or check out Atlanta Curb Appeal’s picture gallery of work of previous home jobs. Or if you are ready to get your free estimate click here.

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Buckhead Curb Appeal Exterior Renovations Part 2 of 2

This is part 2 of two part series (read part 1 here) of an amazing Buckhead renovation Atlanta Curb Appeal did last month. A Buckhead couple found Atlanta Curb Appeal online and contacted them regarding a total house makeover for their Buckhead bungalow.


“This is exactly the kind of project I LOVE to do and the main reason why I started this business. I told the client that this is going to be a showcase project.” Avi Moyal-Owner Atlanta Curb Appeal

The clients wanted to change the look of the front elevation and to add more sitting area for entertaining and relaxing. They also wanted to hide the white brick that ran along the bottom half of the front of the house. Atlanta Curb Appeal came up with a few design ideas which they really liked and led us to the detailed design and the final CAD drawings.

First, we built a nice front deck and a pergola that added a lot of room onto the front of the house.

Pergola and Deck Atlanta Curb Appeal

This pergola lets the beauty of nature’s skyline come through.

Their home is on a hill, so since they already enjoyed their front view from the living room, the addition of a porch allowed for a continued unobstructed gaze. It also added more space to enjoy Atlanta outdoor living!

Buckhead Pergola

The deck bottom was covered with a horizontal 1×6 wood planks to give a complete uniform look to the added structure and to hide the white brick wall and deck post. Instead of using a standard common railing, Avi Moyal (owner of Atlanta Curb Appeal) designed a new decorative railing that added a great focal point to the deck. The railing design continues and is carried from the upper deck down the stairs to the front gate. The clients porch gate was requested to keep their dogs in.

Porch railing covers brick on Buckhead home

Next up was new lights added to both sides of the long front window and a few more under the new extended entrance cover. We also replaced all the window shutters in the house to custom made cedar shutters that were then stained.

Atlanta Curb Appeal Back Porch Window Shutter Entry

New window boxes were built from cedar wood and stained as well to match. In addition, Atlanta Curb Appeal took off the old storm door and painted the old red door in dark brown. To stay within their budget, we decided against replacing the entire house siding. The client instead opted for the more economically friendly choice of painted vinyl siding by using a very unique paint from Benjamin Moore that sticks well to vinyl. This special paint is still elastic enough to expand and contract with the weather changes.

We also replaced some of the vinyl siding with cedar shingles (top left triangle and all of the garage front).

garage face update cedar shingles

The concrete landing from the driveway to the stairs and up to the main door, got covered with natural flag stone.

A big flower box was custom build to lay under the left window and provides cover for the white brick wall that was there before.

Front Porch Lights

Buckhead Renovation Work Week by Week Progress

First week was the carpenter work; changed the vinyl to cedar shingles (garage and top left front), we built the deck, pergola, railing, extended entrance long cover with the two big columns in the front than covered the bottom deck part. Next, all window shutters and boxes were made. However we installed them after painting the exterior.

Second week the electrician came to wire all the new lights and installed new light fixtures.

Third week, the stone guy worked for three days and covered all the stairs and landings.

Forth week came the painters, they also pressure washed the entire exterior of the house.

Fifth week, all new window boxes and shutters got installed.

We hope you enjoyed this breakdown of work we did recently and hope you will share with any friends who are thinking of doing some renovations on their Buckhead, East Cobb or Roswell homes soon.

Thanks from Atlanta Curb Appeal!



Buckhead Home Renovation Atlanta Curb Appeal

East Cobb Stair Installation Fireplace Remodel and Decorative Braces

Here are a few of our latest projects Atlanta Curb Appeal has completed in East Cobb, Ga.

First up is this beautiful East Cobb fireplace. It turned out absolutely perfect! Don’t you just want to grab a cup of cocoa or glass goblet of Grand Marnier and sit for a spell?

Fireplace East Cobb

The original fireplace was a basic standard brick (see ‘before picture’ below) found in many homes and the homeowner was ready for a change.

Atlanta Curb Appeal covered these bricks with a multi-colored manufactured stone veneer. In addition we created and installed a new gorgeous custom cedar mantle.

In the before picture below you can see half of the standard bricks prior to the application of the natural looking stones. The client just loved this amazing transformation of their East Cobb fireplace.

East cobb fireplace installation


Next up was our client in East Cobb who wanted to open the wall next to his stairs by extending the stairs next to his living room. Doing this allowed for a more open floor plan when entering at the main door. In the ‘before picture’ you can see where we cut the drywall, re-routed the electric walls and added a support beam to carry the wide opening load. New trim came into place with the beautiful stained oak handrail.

This entire project took 2 days of labor. Imagine how easy a renovation like this could be completed in your home!

stairsAtlanta Curb Appeal Home renovation

And finally one of our previous clients loved our custom work we did for their front porch. We had added the beam posts a month ago along with the new porch tiles. Recently they decided to add some more handcrafted woodwork. Check out these braces.

braceAtlanta Curb Appeal Custom Beams and Braces

Atlanta Curb Appeal easily handles all these jobs big and small with precision and care. Our estimates are thorough, we don’t add on funny extras at the end to win your bid. Give us a call, 770-778-1172 to get a free estimate on any interior or exterior home improvements this spring!

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Front Door in East Cobb

Front Door Replaced East Cobb
We are so excited to share with you a new front door entry replacement we just completed in East Cobb. Our new client found us through a specials mailer many East Cobb homes received during the past Christmas break.

The original door was to be replaced and they called us. We discussed with them color choices and the client decided on this striking black. It looks beautiful.
We also discussed with the homeowner which type of door would work best for their home specifically.

They went with a fiberglass. It’s durable, high quality and low maintenance.

Also as you can see in the original red door below that not a lot of light was coming in.
Before Picture of Door in East Cobb by photo credit Atlanta Curb Appeal
Atlanta Curb Appeal fixed this East Cobb home by installing a new door with lots of windows. Now for this particular entryway the glass is double pane, this allows you to see well from the inside out but hardly see from the outside inside the home. Double pane glass like this is perfect for security.

The homeowner loves the way the sunshines falls into the front hallway now! 

Their new entryway door allows lots of day light into the main hall, which was the main reason for the exchange, together with esthetic.

You maybe wondering how long a front door job like this takes to replace. Time wise, this job only took a day of labor to switch the doors and painting only took a second day.

Atlanta Curb Appeal is ready to get your new front entryway door installed in East Cobb or Buckhead. We are the on time, on budget contractor. We work well with homeowners looking to add curb appeal and realtors looking to get a home ready for market. Atlanta Curb Appeal is big on keeping the owner in the loop with real time job progress photos or spreadsheets.

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