Our Gorgeous Backyard Video Will Inspire Your Spring!

Our Gorgeous Backyard Video Will Inspire Your Spring!

Recently Atlanta Curb Appeal completed a breathtaking backyard makeover in East Cobb, GA (read the full post here). It was a massive undertaking: hot tub, deck, pergola, gates, fencing, retaining wall and stone steps. Watch the video to see the spectacular results!


These next few weeks are the perfect time to get a free estimate for a new deck. We have already had calls requesting quotes for outdoor expansions. Sometimes clients already have an idea of what they are looking for after doing searches for “decks” or “pergolas” on Houzz or Pinterest. We are able to guide them in the right direction to a deck or pergola that is not only functional but also beautiful.

Have you had thoughts about how your backyard might get transformed? Let’s review a few of the projects we have done this year to get you inspired!

New Pergola with Custom Cut Stone Wall

Pergola East Cobb

Pergola with New Deck East Cobb Ga








Front Yard Makeover with Pergola

Pergola Buckhead

Stained Pergola Buckhead



This Buckhead front yard makeover we completed last year, yet it’s so pretty when we added the staining. We had to show it off again!





Deck Extension, Widened Stairs and Covered Porch

Deck Installer with Pergola

Partial Covered Deck Installation



With a covered deck you can still be outside without the sun in your face. They added a ceiling fan and the warm summer nights are now enjoyable in this expanded space.



Outdoor Kitchen Set Up with Custom Green Egg Station



In this particular home, the custom countertop and Green Egg cabinet was perfect for this outdoor chef.




We hope that these pictures have got you thinking of the amazing possibilities Atlanta Curb Appeal has to offer. Call us for a free quote or check out our online Gallery.

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Gorgeous Screen Porch Decorating Ideas

Summer is almost over and the lovely days of fall are nearly upon us.  At Atlanta Curb Appeal enclosing screen porches has been a popular choice for homeowners in recent years. A screened in porch is common in the South because of our extended spring and fall seasons. In fact, in the late 19th century and early 20th century it was common to have a sleeping porch to capture and enjoy any breeze that a hot Georgia night might provide. Today’s porches richly extend a home’s entertaining space for guests but also are a great place to have your morning coffee or tea without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Whether your porch decor is modern or traditional we have gathered some beautiful pictures from around the web to get your creative juices flowing. And if you have been on the proverbial fence about finally enclosing your porch or deck, this month’s blog post might seal the deal!

Screen Porch Decor Ideas

Hammocks on porches are fairly common but the latest trend is swinging day beds. This one has “nap” written all over it.


 Eclectic Porch by Gurnee Interior Designers & Decorators Your Favorite Room By Cathy Zaeske



This porch radiates with light because of the white interior and natural bamboo furniture. Houseplants at different heights keep everything fresh.

Coastal Living

Jean Alsop


This screened porch with unpainted wicker is great for conversation and sharing stories. The high screen panels allow the sunlight to dance on the hardwoods.

House Beautiful

Pieter Estersohn


The wrought iron chandelier adds more dining space to this home. Custom roman shades keep the heat out on the hot days.

Country Living

Richard Warren


And finally a true Southern porch isn’t complete without a couple of rocking chairs to while the time away.

 Southern Living

Photo by: Tria Giovan, Styling by: Rebecca Omweg


A beautiful screen porch can be an asset to your home and family. If you are ready to jump in and get your back deck enclosed or are thinking of adding on a new porch, we encourage you to give us a call for a free estimate!

Check out our other blog post,Screen Porch Season is Around the Corner. We discuss 10 things to keep in mind when planning your new screened porch.
Thanks for reading,
Avi Moyal
Atlanta Curb Appeal

Wow This House Renovation Is Simply Stunning!


1) How did these customers find you?

We were working on their neighbor’s house next door and Wendy approached me one day while she was out walking her dog. Wendy asked if I could come by and see her railing. Wendy is a designer by trade and had some ideas in mind for some projects she’d like me to complete in her home.

Metal and Wood Modern Staircases

2) Why did they need a new railing? Was there a rail before? They moved in about a year ago and had nearly completed a major renovation. The railing is the last thing Wendy really wanted to get rid of. It was not updated and did not match the new interior design.


3) How did you decide on this rail style, did the customer already have it in mind or did you help lead them to this decision? Wendy shared with me some photos of what she wanted and said she was interested in incorporating metal into the design. I suggested a cedar railing and posts (to match other beams in the house and because we decided to stain it all immediately) with aluminum bars. We discussed in great detail the dimensions and the profile type (square vs. round pipe) that would express and continue the artistic lines of the space. I brought them samples from the supplier and we ended up agreeing on the round 1 1\4” pipes.


4) How many days did this project take? Any issues or challenges people should keep in mind when getting a new railing installed? It took us six days to complete three levels of indoor railing plus an outside small deck and railing system that now match the inside.

Modern Porch Railing

When considering a new railing I suggest investigating the materials and finishes: metal, wood or both? Another decision to be made will be to paint or to stain the wood.

5) How does the customer feel about the project? They are thrilled with this new modern railing. As a designer, Wendy wants to team up with us for her future projects. We look forward to it!

Thanks for reading,
Avi Moyal
Atlanta Curb Appeal
Call me now for a free estimate.

Want more? Here is the story of a modern bathroom remodel we did earlier this year. 

Screen Porch Season is Around the Corner!

Screen porch season at Atlanta Curb Appeal is around the corner here in East Cobb, GA and Sandy Springs. If you drive down Roswell Road/120 right now you can see elements of spring already. The grass is starting to grow again after all the snow has melted!

Spring flowers and sunny skies…We can practically smell the barbecue.

But how is your porch?

Is it sagging in certain sections? Is it so weathered that your socks get snagged when you step out to drink your morning coffee? Perhaps the back deck sways a bit when you do your Zumba tapes?

Then it’s time for a new screen porch from Atlanta Curb Appeal!

Screen Porch in East Cobb, GA

Screen Porch East Cobb

10 Questions to Consider Before Installing a New Screen Porch:

1) What will be its main function?

2) What are some things I can’t do but would do if I had a new porch?

3) Do I like the uninterrupted view of the landscape? Or do I want half walls to cover up a portion of my field of vision. Let’s be honest, does your neighbor have a not so pretty fence?

Deck Sandy Springs

New Deck , Stairs, Porch

4) Will I need electricity?

5) Do I want an outdoor home entertainment system like a flat screen television with surround sound?

6) How about new ceiling fans to keep the temperature down in the dog days of summer?

7) If entertaining is your goal, how about an outdoor kitchen with built in refrigerator and cook top?

Big Green Egg Custom Outdoor Unit

Custom Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen

8)Would an entryway work? You could keep part of the porch screened in and some not.

Go here to see our Full Gallery of Work from Atlanta Curb Appeal

9) Would you like built in seating and storage? Honestly, who couldn’t use more outdoor storage?

Screen Porch

Sleep outdoors!

10) How about custom shutters or window boxes for added beauty?

Once you start dreaming about a new screen porch, the possibilities blossom. And having a free estimate can get that dream on the road to reality.

Choosing a highly regarded professional home remodeling company is important when making additions. Gorgeous and high quality craftsmanship will increase the property value of your home.

Atlanta Curb Appeal offers free estimates. We encourage you to read all our reviews on Yelp and Google Plus. Our quotes are always spot on, we know how to budget projects so that there isn’t any funny add-on’s to the bill at the end. At Atlanta Curb Appeal we work with homeowners and realtors to provide real time updates of jobs.


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Help, Our Deck Needs Covering!

What happens when your deck has too much sun and exposure to the elements? What do you when you have no true place for grilling or chilling?

Atlanta Curb Appeal Deck

Call Atlanta Curb Appeal!

Call Atlanta Curb Appeal and get a new deck and covered porch!


How did they find you? And what was your first meeting like? From owner Avi Moyal: “Our latest clients saw one of our yard signs and decided to call for a free estimate to see if we could help them out. The couple had an existing deck and a limited amount of light shade in their backyard. Together we came up with some great ideas for a nice patio cover retreat for entertaining. Since the client works in design and architecture, we ended up having a good number of discussions over the engineering plans.

photo 2
The design we decided on was to extend the deck with another section. This new addition of deck would be the perfect place for their grill, the Green Egg Grill and a brand new sitting area which would include a built-in bench plus a granite worktop surface area in between the two grills. The perfect foodie home chef experience! 
But wait there’s more! Of course we wouldn’t want the guests falling off the deck after a few Shirley Temples so a new railing was going to be added too.

And after enjoying a nice outdoor meal the perfect way to polish off the evening would be an entertainment media center complete with an exterior sound system and wall mounted outdoor flat screen television. Part of all this magic would include relocating the water hose, adding a ceiling fan, moving electrical outlets to the front deck and bringing a gas line from the basement to an area under the deck for the BBQ! No more wasted time preparing for a party running to the store for more gas!

photo 2

How long did this all take? What was it like day to day working with Atlanta Curb Appeal? The project took about two weeks. Every day while we were building it the client would come home and we’d discuss the day’s construction and progress. I enjoy this open communication with clients keeping them in the loop about everything we do (for clients who are off site I do this with emailed pictures and videos). Together we had a healthy open professional dialogue where he brought me his opinion and we were able to discuss and implement as a team. One challenge that we ran into was the old deck. When we first examined it we all decided that if we got into the project and felt the old deck wasn’t safe we would take action. It did end up being poorly constructed. To remediate, we added four posts, beams and braces to reinforce the existing structure. Our clients are thrilled with their East Cobb deck extension, railing and new porch. They are loving it so far, are very excited and truly thankful. They are super pleased and thankful for the amazing craftsmanship and are delighted that their projects was in good hands.

photo 1

Do you have a deck or patio that needs updating? Or are you looking to increase the length of Georgia’s outdoor entertainment season? Call us!

Atlanta Curb Appeal 770-778-1172

East Cobb Portico FINAL

After-New Portico, Deck and More

Decatur Curb Appeal Porch Renovation

Atlanta Curb Appeal’s latest exterior makeover is from Decatur, GA. This porch renovation was a weekend project (3 days total) that the clients absolutely loved.  


Avi Moyal of Atlanta Curb Appeal shares their journey, “the owners wanted to change their front porch from closed brick and windows to something more open and modern but still complement their 1950’s style of home.

We ran by them a few ideas and made CAD drawings showing them the before and after plans. We didn’t really know how the demolition would go and what might actually be salvageable.  So truthfully the actual final design was not agreed upon yet when we started working. The homeowners and I came up with two scenarios and put two budgets together. Budget A for case one, plus a separate one if we indeed needed to go deeper into the demolition and use more materials.

1950's bungalow updating front in Decatur, GA by Atlanta Curb Appeal

The couple requested and encouraged us to stay with the original option A budget (as much as possible) and not to use the extra funds. So the Atlanta Curb Appeal crew spent all the first day removing (very gently) the rotted wood frame and the heavy windows as well as the two brick columns. We only left the roof structure and worked all the second day rebuilding from the ground up. We used 8×8 (dry) pressure treated wood for the post and boxed the bottom part to make it appear even wider.

The Atlanta Curb Appeal crew replaced everything with new boards and trim. We also installed a new railing that was requested by the owner which included a X style fence on the porch.

Curb Appeal in Decatur 1950's Bungalow exterior update

Columns Custom by Atlanta Curb Appeal

The last part of the job was the painting. Colors were picked by the owner with our advice and consult. The gray color is called Gray Clouds by Sherwin Williams SW7658 by Sherwin Williams we selected ended up being used for all of the front brick as well.

Gray Clouds by Sherwin Williams

The project in all took 3 days and the client and neighbors were super happy. We had lots of people coming up and talking to us in the neighborhood. Many requested our business card and asked us to give them ideas for their homes too. This is a very nice and united neighborhood, lots of young families that moving in and fixing up these vintage cute 1950’s houses.”

Call 770-778-1172 or check out Atlanta Curb Appeal’s picture gallery of work of previous home jobs. Or if you are ready to get your free estimate click here.

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