Million Dollar Deck

What do you do when you have the skills to grill but don’t have the fancy backyard to pull it off? Recently, a homeowner gave Atlanta Curb Appeal a call because they had a deck but wanted something bigger, something better.

We sat down with our client and put together a beautiful design with a lot of custom touches. The “after pictures” look like something out of a magazine.

We asked Avi about the new backyard entertainment area.


What was the deck like before Atlanta Curb Appeal started? Their original deck was small and made from pine. Our client was looking for a larger entertaining space, so an extension was a must. However, it wasn’t a simple add-on; we changed out all the decking to new cedar boards and added all-new decorative posts and railing.


What special features did you add? We added the hot-tub, fireplace, deck and the outdoor kitchen. For the hot-tub, we had to built a reinforced deck to support the weight of the tub and connect it with stairs to the upper deck.


Did Atlanta Curb Appeal install the stone on the huge outdoor fireplace? All of the stonework was brand new and installed by Atlanta Curb Appeal. This unique handmade touch gave the deck a warm and welcoming feel. The client was looking for a “million dollar deck”. I think we delivered.


Can you tell us more about the new outdoor kitchen? We designed the outdoor kitchen so the BBQ equipment would be next to the edge of the roofline in order for the smoke to dissipate while protecting the cook from the sun and the rain. The cooking area was design around this to create a space with sufficient prep area next to the drop-in grill and Green Egg. Adjoining this area was a seating space for friends so he could visit while cooking. The space was designed for utility but also for optimal entertaining. Just like your indoor kitchen, storage space is key for the outdoor kitchen. We installed full cedar cabinets with rustic hardware underneath the L-shaped kitchen and the countertops were a gorgeous granite complemented by stack stone on the back of the kitchen to match the nearby outdoor fireplace.


How did you change the front of the house? We added a custom-designed portico, rebuilt the landing and stairs and resurfaced the natural flagstone and stack stone. We also installed custom-made shutters out of a beautiful cedar, which we stained and sealed with a protectant We recommended the cedar to go with the rustic look of the home and it tied in beautifully with the new cedar deck.


How did they find you? They found us by word of mouth. We renovated their friends’ house in the neighborhood, and they recommended us.


How long did it take, and how did they feel about their experience? This project took about four months, including the holidays and the vacations in between. The clients are ecstatic with the end results.


In our next blog, we will continue with the details of the indoor renovation that we also provided for client.

Atlanta Curb Appeal provides free estimates for home interior and exterior renovations. Please read our reviews on Facebook and follow us there to stay up with the latest designs.  We also have a large gallery on our website.



Gorgeous East Cobb Porch Installation

Recently we had the pleasure of installing a new screen porch and deck in East Cobb/ Marietta. Atlanta Curb Appeal standards are high when completing a porch installation. Safety, quality of materials and design are the main focus when planning a client’s outdoor oasis that will be a showcase piece to enjoy for years to come.

We asked Avi some questions about the project below.

Gorgeous Porch Install

Did they have a porch before or was this project from scratch?
No, they did not have a deck, but they did have a porch.

What did Atlanta Curb Appeal do exactly?
First we built the screen porch walls and installed a matching shingle roof. Second, we added a lower deck and a new set of stairs. At this point, we took the time to reinforce the old deck up to code, per inspections. Then we enclosed the area underneath allowing for added storage.

Porch East Cobb Installation

Look at the view!

Did you do more than a back porch?
Atlanta Curb Appeal added a front portico and replaced the front door. We enjoy installing porticos; the transformation is always astonishing. Then we renovated two bathrooms in the home.

Did you do any electrical upgrades?
We added outlets, new outdoor floodlights and new can lights on the back porch.

Why did they decide to do this project?
They wanted to add a covered porch and extend their deck space so they could enjoy outdoor seating while covered from the sun and protected from mosquitos. We also added wiring for an outdoor TV. It’s the perfect package.

How to Enclose Screen Porch

East Cobb Screen Porch

How did they find you?
Word of mouth. We have happy clients in their subdivision that recommended us.

What is the client planning for this new space?
The porch is mainly for the entertainment of kids and friends.

What was the biggest obstacle?
No obstacles. All permitting inspections passed the first time, and all work was finished in within budget and timelines.

How many days did it take?
The porch and deck project took just under four weeks. The small bathroom took a week and a half, and the master bathroom took three weeks. The portico took less than a week, including inspections. We did these projects in parallel and completed all work in about two months.

What did the clients think about Atlanta Curb Appeal?
They are so happy with the final results! They had a party to show off the work to their neighbors, and we’ve already started another project in this subdivision.

Atlanta Curb Appeal has been serving East Cobb, Marietta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs and the surrounding communities since 2012 and offers free estimates on Porch, Basement and Kitchen remodeling.

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Astonishing Transformation of this East Cobb Home!


Recently Atlanta Curb Appeal wrapped up another amazing whole house makeover in East Cobb, GA!  Below is an interview with owner Avi Moyal about the details of the project. It’s a great story including a little bit of mystery we hope you will enjoy reading.

How did they find you?

Well this is a very interesting story…

I got a call one day, asking me to come and give a quote for some curb appeal work. As always, I ask my new clients, how did they find me? This lovely lady said she is holding a postcard I had sent her in the mail recently. I was shocked to hear that because the only time I did mass postcard marketing was exactly 3 and half years ago. I had to go and see it with my own eyes, so I got in my car and drove straight to her house. And there it was, the postcard I printed almost 4 years ago was there in her hand! No idea how that happened. A mystery maybe the USPS can solve for me!

Why did they select Atlanta Curb Appeal? Did they get other quotes?
The client got 3 quotes, one was a little lower than ours but she did not feel that he could deliver. The second quote was considerably higher than mine. She went with ours because she liked the design ideas I proposed.

A few years ago she had the front landing and stairs done and she didn’t like how it turned out at all. So we came up with a new design that included demolishing the existing one and building it from scratch, which we then covered with a beautiful natural stone all the way to the driveway.

What projects did you complete in the home?
Refinish the hardwood floors
Replace the front door
Fix the rotted cedar siding
Demolition the front porch and rebuild new rounded stairs and cover with natural stone.
Build a portico
Dramatic exterior change using new paint palette
Paint the deck and railing
Replaced all exterior lights
New custom made shutters

Why did they choose to have the hardwood floors refinished?
Actually she hadn’t decided to do it until our initial meeting. They were very scratched, basically due to common wear and tear. During my first assessment, I asked her if she would like to go ahead and refinish them while we were in there doing the renovations. It’s a simple process really since they are solid hardwoods, easily sanded and refinished to any shade one could want.

What caused the rotted cedar siding? Was this instance typical of homes of this age? Or was it due to a manufacturer problem?
Some decay is normal, part of the aging of the natural cedar siding. Overall though, the siding was in decent condition. Merely a few critical places needed to be removed and replaced.


Why did they want to add a portico? What was their inspiration?
We went over a few designs however they really liked the portico that is featured on our homepage. Actually the whole color scheme of the exterior of that house was really appealing to them so we went with the same color formulas. Gray with white and black accent and trim colors.


Was gray in color in mind from the start?
She had gray in mind from the start but not the actual shade of it. All the colors were discussed together and the red door was her special request.

Why was the front door replaced instead of painted?
The client wanted a new door and sidelites to give a reinvigorated look to the front of the house and to accentuate the attractive new portico.

Deck Painting Atlanta Curb Appeal

Did you have to resurface the deck before painting?
No, it was in good condition, we kept the deck as is, we only pressure-washed and repainted it. Because it had been painted in the past, we couldn’t merely apply a stain over the old deck. The new deck colors were chosen to complement the new exterior, white for the railing and light gray for the floor decking. The results were amazing, way beyond our expectations!! There is such a clean and neat feeling there now.

New Deck Repaint Atlanta Curb Appeal

How many days for each phase of this project?
In a perfect world:
Paint – 1 week
Floors – 3 days
Front stairs – 1 week
Portico – 5 days
but we were there for almost two months because of rainy days.

Artistic Door Numbers

We also installed a new house numbers sign that matched the new look. When we took off the old door, the client wanted to keep these 4 digit metal numbers as a souvenir. I offered to take it home and do something artistic with it.

Did they book the bathroom remodel job after they saw and loved your work or was this always in the original plan?
Yes the bathrooms came much later in the process; we will start them in a couple of more weeks probably.

Are they happy with the finished results?

Customer Review Atlanta Curb Appeal

The day we finished, after I got home that evening, I got a text from them saying ” I like it all so much Avi that I’m crying I’m so happy. I just can’t believe I have a pretty house after 20 years. I wish my mother could see it now. Thank U Avi” (see above).

This filled my heart with joy knowing we made someone that happy with our work.


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Our Gorgeous Backyard Video Will Inspire Your Spring!

Our Gorgeous Backyard Video Will Inspire Your Spring!

Recently Atlanta Curb Appeal completed a breathtaking backyard makeover in East Cobb, GA (read the full post here). It was a massive undertaking: hot tub, deck, pergola, gates, fencing, retaining wall and stone steps. Watch the video to see the spectacular results!


These next few weeks are the perfect time to get a free estimate for a new deck. We have already had calls requesting quotes for outdoor expansions. Sometimes clients already have an idea of what they are looking for after doing searches for “decks” or “pergolas” on Houzz or Pinterest. We are able to guide them in the right direction to a deck or pergola that is not only functional but also beautiful.

Have you had thoughts about how your backyard might get transformed? Let’s review a few of the projects we have done this year to get you inspired!

New Pergola with Custom Cut Stone Wall

Pergola East Cobb

Pergola with New Deck East Cobb Ga








Front Yard Makeover with Pergola

Pergola Buckhead

Stained Pergola Buckhead



This Buckhead front yard makeover we completed last year, yet it’s so pretty when we added the staining. We had to show it off again!





Deck Extension, Widened Stairs and Covered Porch

Deck Installer with Pergola

Partial Covered Deck Installation



With a covered deck you can still be outside without the sun in your face. They added a ceiling fan and the warm summer nights are now enjoyable in this expanded space.



Outdoor Kitchen Set Up with Custom Green Egg Station



In this particular home, the custom countertop and Green Egg cabinet was perfect for this outdoor chef.




We hope that these pictures have got you thinking of the amazing possibilities Atlanta Curb Appeal has to offer. Call us for a free quote or check out our online Gallery.

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Portico F.A.Q.

Portico F.A.Q.

What is a Portico?

“A portico is a porch leading to the entrance of a building, or extended as a colonnade, with a roof structure over a walkway, supported by columns or enclosed by walls. This idea was widely used in Ancient Greece and has influenced many cultures, including most Western cultures” from Wikipedia.

What are the most popular styles of Porticos?

At Atlanta Curb Appeal, the most popular portico style we have been seeing this year is the Colonial Portico. Below are two examples of Colonial Style Porticos we have created in the past twelve months.

photo 2 (2)

JohnsCreekExterior2How much does a Portico cost?

A standard Portico will cost about $5K. Special custom details can increase the price.

What are some of the choices to be made when selecting a Portico?

Surprisingly there are a lot of decisions to be made. We can help guide the homeowner to a design that will best accentuate their curb appeal.

What are the benefits of a Portico?

Portico benefits include shelter from the rain and protection from direct sunlight to the entryway. Porticos also give an air of dignity and polish to your home’s exterior. Finally they increase the overall property value of the home.

Are there any limitations to installing a Portico?

No limitations, but enough space is required above the door so a gabled roof can be attached. Some homes have a low placed second floor window, which necessitates a flat roof instead of a gabled one.

Here is a list of options for a new Portico installation

Column shape

  • Square Solid
  • Square with Inlay
  • Round

Roofing Materials for Porticos

  • Matching Shingles
  • Metal
  • Copper
  • Aluminum

Column Length

  • Full length
  • Half Columns ending in Stone
  • 3/4 Columns ending in Stone

Column Quantity

  • 4 corners
  • 2 front corners
  • Double Column in Front

Roof Style

  • Pointed Gable
  • Flat with Small Rise
  • Triangle Gable
  • Curved
  • Pointed Gable with Interior Curve Design


  • Ground Level
  • Add on Porch with no sides
  • Add on Porch with 2 sides
  • Add on Porch with Sides and Gate

Interior Ceiling

  • Flat
  • Curved
  • Inlaid Wood Design


  • Single Hanging Fixture (very popular)
  • Wall Fixture
  • Uplighting on columns

Installing a new Portico onto your home can be a fantastic way to increase curb appeal. Atlanta Curb Appeal installs Porticos in East Cobb, Marietta, Alpharetta, John’s Creek and Towne Lake. Please check out our online reviews on our testimonials page on our website.

Thanks for reading

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Check Out This Beautiful Metamorphosis! Amazing Backyard Makeover!

Outdoor Deck and Backyard Makeover in East Cobb

This month on our blog we are covering a huge exterior project recently completed in East Cobb, GA (Marietta). Here is an interview with Avi Moyal, owner of Atlanta Curb Appeal, about this beautiful backyard metamorphosis.

Pergola East Cobb


How did the clients hear about you?
Last year we had done some work in their East Cobb neighborhood; they had remembered our sign and ended up talking with the owners about their experience with us.

Were you the only company that submitted an estimate?
They actually met with 3 contractors but liked our company the best. They sensed that we were the most knowledgeable and that we would deliver results.


What was the scope of work?
First we performed demolition on the old fence around the back yard. Then we pulled out a minor retaining wall (which was falling apart) in the lower part of the yard and also a long rotting wall in the upper section. After all of this we took down the sick trees and several bushes that were in the way. Following this we executed the demolition of the old deck. Then the new landscaping began. We started with soil grading in all areas and installing a new drainage system. We fixed and upgraded the old sprinklers system and lay down the new pavers area. Then came the build of the new fence.


Before: With Old Retaining Wall


Finishing:On Site Stone Shaping

Phase two was building a new large deck and hot tub plus the pergola above. We laid the steppers stones and steps, put sod and mulch down and completed two long retaining walls made of natural stone. This part took the whole length of the project time which was about 2.5 months. We actually did the shaping stone by stone and the put them into place. Yes, it is sincerely a true work of art and the results speak for themselves.

Tell me about the landscaping improvements in the backyard. Was this an extensive project?
In many areas, there wasn’t any grass. Likewise they did not have plants to support the water and erosion from the weather. Their property is on a slope and had major issues with drainage. We put a new drain system in place and directed all of the gutter water and the gushing water from the neighbors to the creek behind their house. We installed new sod and plants. Strategic planting can help hold soil in its place.


Why did they want a pergola in their backyard?
The pergola idea came later in the project when they decided to add the hot tub. The deck and stairs plan got totally re-designed after the new beautiful retaining natural stones (stone walls, paths?) were built. We decided to go ahead and add a section to the deck and drop the hot tub into the lower part of the back yard. Finally, we created a side access gate for servicing the hot tub. Many homeowners don’t take this potential frustration saving step into consideration.


What were some of the issues you encountered?
The biggest revelation was actually a good surprise that triggered a new design. I believe the amazing results of the beautiful pavers and stonewall created the appetite for redesign. We had a meeting on site, with the owners, that was very productive. We all felt that the new design was going to be a better use of the area with a dramatic increase of open space by using stepping stones and Crab orchard steppers (18″×36″×5-6″ thick) built into the sod, instead of the original planned decking wood stairs that was supposed to connect the upper level with the lower back yard. The homeowner in turn approved the increase of costs for new material and labor.

With hot tub installations, what are some things homeowners need to be
aware of before starting?

Make sure you are in communication with the hot tub supplier. They gave us the specs ahead of time and we had to bring in a new 240v and 110v line from the main breaker box to power up the tub.


Why are you waiting to stain the wood of the pergola?
The entire deck and pergola were made with pressure treated lumber. The wood has to dry for about 4-5 months before it can accept stain.

Are pergolas purely ornamental or do they have a raison d’être?
Pergolas are mainly aesthetic but do provide some shade. Some people add lighting or outdoor speakers. It can be a great place to hang a hammock.

Thanks for reading about our backyard renovation project in East Cobb this month. Feel free to share our blog with a friend!

Avi Moyal



Help, Our Deck Needs Covering!

What happens when your deck has too much sun and exposure to the elements? What do you when you have no true place for grilling or chilling?

Atlanta Curb Appeal Deck

Call Atlanta Curb Appeal!

Call Atlanta Curb Appeal and get a new deck and covered porch!


How did they find you? And what was your first meeting like? From owner Avi Moyal: “Our latest clients saw one of our yard signs and decided to call for a free estimate to see if we could help them out. The couple had an existing deck and a limited amount of light shade in their backyard. Together we came up with some great ideas for a nice patio cover retreat for entertaining. Since the client works in design and architecture, we ended up having a good number of discussions over the engineering plans.

photo 2
The design we decided on was to extend the deck with another section. This new addition of deck would be the perfect place for their grill, the Green Egg Grill and a brand new sitting area which would include a built-in bench plus a granite worktop surface area in between the two grills. The perfect foodie home chef experience! 
But wait there’s more! Of course we wouldn’t want the guests falling off the deck after a few Shirley Temples so a new railing was going to be added too.

And after enjoying a nice outdoor meal the perfect way to polish off the evening would be an entertainment media center complete with an exterior sound system and wall mounted outdoor flat screen television. Part of all this magic would include relocating the water hose, adding a ceiling fan, moving electrical outlets to the front deck and bringing a gas line from the basement to an area under the deck for the BBQ! No more wasted time preparing for a party running to the store for more gas!

photo 2

How long did this all take? What was it like day to day working with Atlanta Curb Appeal? The project took about two weeks. Every day while we were building it the client would come home and we’d discuss the day’s construction and progress. I enjoy this open communication with clients keeping them in the loop about everything we do (for clients who are off site I do this with emailed pictures and videos). Together we had a healthy open professional dialogue where he brought me his opinion and we were able to discuss and implement as a team. One challenge that we ran into was the old deck. When we first examined it we all decided that if we got into the project and felt the old deck wasn’t safe we would take action. It did end up being poorly constructed. To remediate, we added four posts, beams and braces to reinforce the existing structure. Our clients are thrilled with their East Cobb deck extension, railing and new porch. They are loving it so far, are very excited and truly thankful. They are super pleased and thankful for the amazing craftsmanship and are delighted that their projects was in good hands.

photo 1

Do you have a deck or patio that needs updating? Or are you looking to increase the length of Georgia’s outdoor entertainment season? Call us!

Atlanta Curb Appeal 770-778-1172

East Cobb Portico FINAL

After-New Portico, Deck and More

East Cobb Portico!

From Avi Moyal, owner of Atlanta Curb Appeal


“Recently some friends of ours saw our latest Alpharetta Portico on our Atlanta Curb Appeal Facebook page. They had a traditional flat front house too and thought that a new portico was exactly what they needed to help it stand out. Their property is unusually located on a corner lot at an angle facing the corner.

Another motivation in committing to a new portico was that for quite some time their front landing and stairs had been broken.

East Cobb Portico before

Numerous repairs over the years with patches proved only to be temporary and ended up destroying the brick and concrete with additional water damage. A new custom natural stone landing exterior would be perfect to keep the elements out. But before we added the new stone, a custom concrete belt was added to support the structure.

photo 2 (2)

In addition to new front entryway, we decided to add a new railing. Personally I envisioned the rail as a piece of jewelry to the new portico. An extension of it’s beauty if you will.

A final decision on the design came down to a photo they had found. It was a pretty portico but the designer’s skinny 2×2 lumber choice in the form was just not going to work with the dimensions of their actual landing. I assured her not to worry, we could do something very similar however, it would be even better, because a 2×4 would prove to be a more sturdy material to work with. The final results were AMAZING and so much more substantial!

photo 4 (1)

The new railing now included gorgeous posts and crown molding. Honestly, the rail was more of a decorative add on and one that has made people in the neighborhood stop by for a closer look at the beautiful details and workmanship. Look at the detail on the ceiling of the portico!

photo 2 (3)

The clients ABSOLUTELY LOVED the finished product. And already they have had several neighbors comment and ask about our work.

Thank you for letting us work with you both to bring your dreams to life!”

-Avi Moyal

Atlanta Curb Appeal
East Cobb and Sandy Springs Porticos

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Some Funny Halloween Styled Portico Construction Photos

Here is a new Portico job we started in East Cobb, GA this month.

Portico Installation Atlanta Curb Appeal

photo 3-5

Here is the Portico nearly finished. Note the guys in the front (below) are not Atlanta Curb Appeal workers.

photo 1-2


And finally here is another early shot of the Portico construction. That guy in the front looked dead tired, so we told him to take a load off and sit a spell.


photo 4-4


Can’t wait to show you the “finale” picture!

Siding Replacement, New Shutters and More Curb Appeal in John’s Creek

This is Phase Two of a series about a gorgeous renovation Atlanta Curb Appeal did in John’s Creek these past few weeks.  Go here to read Phase One.



  1. Replace three sides old siding of the house
  2. Paint the new siding
  3. Paint the front brick
  4. Replace the windows shutters


At Atlanta Curb Appeal we always aim to hit our original quote. We keep detailed spreadsheet budgets to ensure this. In fact the clients for this particular project interviewed nine contractors before deciding on us and this was one of our selling points, our ability to stay within budget. In fact, I am happy to say the only difference from the original quote was the additional request by the owner to also go ahead and replace the gutters while we out there working.


During this process, I (Avi Moyal, owner) recommended to replace the two entrance lights by the main entrance door. I gave them some design directions as to what I knew would work in this space. My suggestion was lights that were modern, square looking, big and vertical yet with rectangular shaped lights. The couple loved these new exterior entrance lights so much that they requested we add another pair near the garage doors.


We also had a lot of discussions on what kind of window shutters to go with, in regards to actual design style and materials. Together we found online a pair of shutters that were very nice but unfortunately were also very expensive. Using that design we decided to custom build some specifically for them. We also installed beautiful cedar wood shutters whose design matched perfectly the style of the Portico we built in Phase One.

Portico prior to exterior finishing-notice the custom interior ceiling.

During the painting of the house we had to cut down and remove lots of shrubs
and roots that were too close to the brick wall. These bushes would not allow us access
to paint the wall to our high standards. Since we had already planned to cut these anyways as part of Phase Three landscaping, we just went ahead and removed them. This exposed more of the front elevation.


It took about a week to finish all siding replacement and exterior painting. The actual siding work was done by a company I team up with for this scale of siding replacement. They are my business partners every time I need siding work, Harmony and Chris of HP Exteriors. I highly recommend them because their level of perfection matches what our clients expect.


We had a few meetings before and after with the client, where we
discussed all the parts of the project and the materials to be used in great detail. Additionally we exchanged continuous emails and phone conversations during the process to make sure everyone was content.

The client is so HAPPY that they just approved the budget for Phase Three!

They are thrilled with Atlanta Curb Appeal’s work and are proud of their home’s new look. Lots of neighbors have been coming in and continue to do so, just to check in and meet that couple that have given such a huge facelift to their home. We have gotten bid requests from their close neighbors for more work on their street.

As I have said before, big curb appeal projects like this are why I started this business, it’s thrilling to watch the transformation and the response from the client and their neighbors.

Atlanta Curb Appeal


Phase Three will be landscaping. A new custom stone walkway, new sod and the work of taking down a few trees. We also will be adding sprinklers systems to the front and back yards and handling the deck staining. Finally we will be adding new flower beds and landscape lights in the front, to light the walkway, house and trees.

Can’t wait to share with you a “finale” picture!

Call us if you have been inspired to add some curb appeal to your East Cobb, Roswell or Sandy Springs home.


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