Modern Bathroom Remodel by Atlanta Curb Appeal

Gorgeous Master Bathroom Remodel in Atlanta

Atlanta rain can be nice, especially when the pollen is covering our neighborhoods like a yellow sheet of snow. However, when it’s starts pouring inside the house, then you’ve got problems. This particular Atlanta Curb Appeal bathroom remodeling job started because a neighbor’s pipe burst in his condo in Buckhead.

Marble Tile Freestanding Soaking Tub Installation Atlanta Curb Appeal

Marble Tile, Freestanding Soaking Tub

Unfortunately, the entire unit was flooded. The company handling the removal of drywalls and floors, D.O.N.E. Restoration of Marietta, gave us a call to see if we would be interested in helping out in the re-construction process. We fixed the missing drywall, painted the unit and replaced the hardwood floors. The customer was so happy with our work, he decided to go ahead and renovate the Master Bathroom.

Decisions to Be Made
First the client had to decide if he was going to keep the same layout or expand. If you are going to have to demolition the bathroom anyways, you should consider all possibilities. Together we came up with a plan to enlarge his bathroom by taking some of the square footage from a big walk-in closet located behind the shower. In this new space he was able to do a bigger shower, add a freestanding soaking tub (it is deeper than a standard tub) and a double vanity. This is the definition of modern comfort and luxury in today’s American home.

Modern Bathroom Computer Controlled

Modern Faucets Computer Controlled

Choosing Materials
Next came selecting the materials. The client himself picked out the new marble tile and thermostat faucets. This modern bathroom is like something out of the future. The water system has automatic temperature control directed by a computer behind the wall. This computer is connected to all the water valves for the shower and bath.

Modern Thermostat for Showers

Modern Shower Remembers Your Favorite Temperature

New Bathroom Technology
In the shower, we added the latest technology, a computer temperature control valve. These controlled valves not only keep the water the optimal temperature but also allow the user to preset according to your personal choice. These new showers have the added bonus of avoiding dangerous scalds.

Bathroom Remodel in Buckhead by Atlanta Curb Appeal

Bathroom Remodel in Buckhead by Atlanta Curb Appeal

As you can imagine it was a big challenge to install all of these components and pipes inside the walls and then connect them to the computer box. We built it so that you could fully access the back-end for future maintenance. Also before we installed the new shower and tub we had to change the water lines and drain system under the floor to make space for the new location of the tub and shower.

Job Time
This bathroom remodel time took 3 weeks. We did all the work from beginning to end. Including a big demolition.

In our next post we are going to discuss questions you should ask yourself when remodeling a bathroom.

Thanks for reading,
Avi Moyal,
Atlanta Curb Appeal (owner)

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Avi and his crew did a few things right off the bat that impressed me very much. First, Avi’s timeliness and promptness was VERY much appreciated by me. I’d dealt with a few other paint crews that just could never make a meeting on time. Avi was there when he said he would be and also contacted me in advance as well. He turned around his initial quote quickly, provided an extremely competitive price, and all of this added up to him winning my business. He then proposed a date for the job (whole house) and then even was able to get it done BEFORE that date. He is the FIRST contractor I’ve dealt with this year I would recommend. Thanks!” –John P. in Smyrna, GA