Glamorous Bathroom Makeover in East Cobb

Glamorous Bathroom in East Cobb

What do you do when your last bathroom renovation wasn’t everything you wanted it to be? Do you ignore and accept it?

Last year, this East Cobb family was curious when their friends decided to have their bathroom remodeled by Atlanta Curb Appeal. After they viewed our final results, they decided there was hope!

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Since this was their forever home, it was time to plan for the bathroom they wanted all along!

The first step was choosing a designer. After they found someone who was on board with their vision, they gave us a call to make it a reality. Together we all collaborated and laid out a plan. This glamorous bathroom remodel was going to be a dazzling showstopper.

The most stunning thing you notice when entering this bathroom is the massive sparkling chandelier. It’s the epitome of sumptuousness. Mutually selected by the designer and client, we were able to hang it perfectly above the new freestanding tub. These tubs are becoming very popular these days for they are pleasing to the eye and they save room by allowing for additional floor space. In the corner, we added a frameless glass shower and special modern doors that are “self-drying,” meaning they do not require a squeegee session after every shower.

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Another touch of elegance in the bathroom is the gold fixtures! Gold is starting to make a comeback in bathroom design. These faucets were truly special. They were custom-ordered from Italy and took about three months to arrive. In fact, the only real challenge to the project was waiting on the Italians.

Designer and client selected marble floors and tile, which we installed. Some homeowners are reluctant to have marble floors, but we added under-floor heaters to make them comfortable year round. Marble was installed for the countertops. Again, some homeowners may shy away from marble due to its delicate and porous nature, but these clients know to be cautious and not to spill colored fluids. We also took the extra step of applying a particular sealant to guard the surface.

It took seven years for this family to decide they were ready to try again with a renovation, and they are thrilled with the results. They have already left Atlanta Curb Appeal an amazing review on Houzz. They are so happy with the heated bathroom, especially after our cold Atlanta winter this year!

Ready to make your dream bathroom a reality? Atlanta Curb Appeal has been working in East Cobb, Sandy Springs, and Marietta since 2012. Free estimates are available, give us a call at 770-778-1172.

You Aren’t Going to Believe What This Customer Said About Our Bathroom Work

Recently, a client of ours called us back for a new job. After we were finished she left us a review online (scroll to the end of article to see it).  This month we also share ’10 Things to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel‘.


The Back Story

Two years ago we had completed some interior paintwork for her. Recently, she realized that at some point in the future she was going to be selling her home and that her bathroom had never been updated.

Did you know that the two big things appraisers look at when estimating the value of a home is whether or not the kitchen and bathroom is updated?


She called us in to give a quote, which we happily did. Our estimate ended up being half the cost of another bid. The reason we can do this is because Atlanta Curb Appeal is flexible when it comes to the needs or choices of our customers. She decided to pick out her own tile and fixtures and this brought down the price of the job.


As in many cases, Atlanta Curb Appeal was able to expand the shower by removing some walls and utilizing some of the unused corner space. The finished product was a bathroom that was substantially larger and considerably more useful.


This was a very cut and dry job, we did not encounter any challenges. It only took two weeks to complete. To say the client is thrilled is an understatement.

I have used Atlanta Curb Appeal twice now and have been very pleased on both occasions.  My first experience was to remove wallpaper and repaint my home.  Avi’s crew were punctual, respectful of my home and very neat and efficient.  I told him then that when the next project arose he would be my first call.  Needless to say his estimate was almost 1/2 of his competitor.  The next project which was just completed was the complete remodel of my master bath.  Wow, it is so gorgeous.  I liked that he allowed me to purchase all the materials and he quoted me just labor.  He always kept up with me on progress and my satisfaction with the work his sub-contractors were doing.  Never felt like I was alone and he answered any and all questions promptly.  He also uses top quality sub-contractors.  I liked them all and trusted them in my home.  My next project will be an exterior transformation and Avi and Atlanta Curb Appeal will be the only call I make.”


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Avi Moyal
Atlanta Curb Appeal