Buckhead Curb Appeal Exterior Renovations Part 2 of 2

This is part 2 of two part series (read part 1 here) of an amazing Buckhead renovation Atlanta Curb Appeal did last month. A Buckhead couple found Atlanta Curb Appeal online and contacted them regarding a total house makeover for their Buckhead bungalow.


“This is exactly the kind of project I LOVE to do and the main reason why I started this business. I told the client that this is going to be a showcase project.” Avi Moyal-Owner Atlanta Curb Appeal

The clients wanted to change the look of the front elevation and to add more sitting area for entertaining and relaxing. They also wanted to hide the white brick that ran along the bottom half of the front of the house. Atlanta Curb Appeal came up with a few design ideas which they really liked and led us to the detailed design and the final CAD drawings.

First, we built a nice front deck and a pergola that added a lot of room onto the front of the house.

Pergola and Deck Atlanta Curb Appeal

This pergola lets the beauty of nature’s skyline come through.

Their home is on a hill, so since they already enjoyed their front view from the living room, the addition of a porch allowed for a continued unobstructed gaze. It also added more space to enjoy Atlanta outdoor living!

Buckhead Pergola

The deck bottom was covered with a horizontal 1×6 wood planks to give a complete uniform look to the added structure and to hide the white brick wall and deck post. Instead of using a standard common railing, Avi Moyal (owner of Atlanta Curb Appeal) designed a new decorative railing that added a great focal point to the deck. The railing design continues and is carried from the upper deck down the stairs to the front gate. The clients porch gate was requested to keep their dogs in.

Porch railing covers brick on Buckhead home

Next up was new lights added to both sides of the long front window and a few more under the new extended entrance cover. We also replaced all the window shutters in the house to custom made cedar shutters that were then stained.

Atlanta Curb Appeal Back Porch Window Shutter Entry

New window boxes were built from cedar wood and stained as well to match. In addition, Atlanta Curb Appeal took off the old storm door and painted the old red door in dark brown. To stay within their budget, we decided against replacing the entire house siding. The client instead opted for the more economically friendly choice of painted vinyl siding by using a very unique paint from Benjamin Moore that sticks well to vinyl. This special paint is still elastic enough to expand and contract with the weather changes.

We also replaced some of the vinyl siding with cedar shingles (top left triangle and all of the garage front).

garage face update cedar shingles

The concrete landing from the driveway to the stairs and up to the main door, got covered with natural flag stone.

A big flower box was custom build to lay under the left window and provides cover for the white brick wall that was there before.

Front Porch Lights

Buckhead Renovation Work Week by Week Progress

First week was the carpenter work; changed the vinyl to cedar shingles (garage and top left front), we built the deck, pergola, railing, extended entrance long cover with the two big columns in the front than covered the bottom deck part. Next, all window shutters and boxes were made. However we installed them after painting the exterior.

Second week the electrician came to wire all the new lights and installed new light fixtures.

Third week, the stone guy worked for three days and covered all the stairs and landings.

Forth week came the painters, they also pressure washed the entire exterior of the house.

Fifth week, all new window boxes and shutters got installed.

We hope you enjoyed this breakdown of work we did recently and hope you will share with any friends who are thinking of doing some renovations on their Buckhead, East Cobb or Roswell homes soon.

Thanks from Atlanta Curb Appeal!



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