What’s Hot for Decks in 2015

Deck Materials and Trends for 2015

What is hot for 2015 when it comes to new decks? In this month’s post we discuss the pros and cons of deck materials for new deck installations.

Wood types

Deck Material Types

Pressure Treated Decking

Pressure Treated wood is the deck material standard; over 75% are built with this material. Pressure treated lumber gets its name from the chemical treatment process. First wood is placed in a pressurized cylinder or chamber, and then a preservative is applied, as the pressure in the chamber increases the solution penetrates the wood on a cellular level. Pressure treated wood is more durable then an untreated wood (which begins to break down with a year of exposure to the elements). Four months or more after installation, we suggest staining your pressure treated decking (the part that is exposed to the sun). The cost for staining is a separate cost but is very important. Staining increases the life span by about 15 years. Unstained decks can last only 7-10 years due to cracking, bending and twisting of the wood. No matter which decking you choose at Atlanta Curb Appeal we use pressure treated wood as the support structure underneath for strength and durability.

Composite Decking

Composite wood decks, a wood plastic composite are great choice for decks. They do not require staining like pressure treated woods and are nearly maintenance free. However they are about three times the cost per board then pressure treated. Composite decking comes in a variety of colors including blends, which have the appearance of exotic hardwoods. Can be also installed with hidden fasteners for a clean and smooth look.

Cedar Decking

Cedar is a beautiful wood for decks; it is the most natural looking wood. Cedar costs about twice as much as pressure treated wood. Cedar can outperform for pressure treated wood in some cases because it does not absorb water like other wood types. It is resistant to rot, mildew and bugs. A benefit of cedar decking is that it can be stained immediately. It is important to resealed every few years.

Brazilian Hardwoods

Brazilian Hardwoods are a gorgeous tropical wood with zero maintenance. It is the most expensive wood on the market and last longer than composite decking, typically 30 years. It resists molds and is not chemically treated.


All decks that are higher than 36” from the ground, require a railing system. Wood, metal or a wood and metal combination are the good options .

Project Time

The amount of time it typically takes to build a deck is four to six days. However every situation is different give us a call to discuss.

If a new deck is on the agenda for spring give Atlanta Curb Appeal a call at 770-778-1172 for your free estimate.

Deck Installer with Pergola

Deck Installation with pergola

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5 Ways to Decide If Your Deck is Dead

5 Ways to Decide If Your Deck is Dead

deck coupon

1)   You feel like you are on a cruise ship in choppy waters when you walk across it.

2)   The wood is so dried up and weathered that guests ask “Where did you get that interesting driftwood art sculpture in your backyard?”

3)   You use a human chain to retrieve stuff from the back of the deck.

4)   You purposely hose down the deck, just in case, on really hot days during a dry spell.

5)   Your deck might be dead if after suggesting drinks on the deck to the neighbors, they suddenly have to go home to check on the dog.

East Cobb Portico

All joking aside, deck maintenance is necessary to prolong the life of your deck. If your deck is on it’s last post, then let Atlanta Curb Appeal give you a quote for a new deck or deck staining! We can sometimes save a deck or a portion of the deck if the damage is minimal. Many times only the top boards of a deck need replacement, while the beams underneath are still in good shape. This typically amounts to considerable savings!


Atlanta Curb Appeal deck services include:

  • Full Deck Installations
  • Deck Staining
  • Deck Painting
  • Deck Additions
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Deck Screening Repairs/Installation/Framing
  • Adding Deck stairs
  • Adding Deck Entry/Exit Doors

For the month of July we are running a Deck Special! $250 off a new deck installation. Give us a call for a free estimate! Our deck work is meticulous; we take special care in cleaning and treating the wood before staining. A new stain or paint job will take your outdoor entertaining to the next level.

Deck Staining

East Cobb Deck

And don’t forget the concrete around the pool, we can pressure wash that beauty back in no time.

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