Spring Updating from Atlanta Curb Appeal

Spring Updating from Atlanta Curb Appeal

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It’s officially spring in Georgia! After this gray winter it is time to bring in spring with some fanfare. Here are some ideas to encourage you this season.

Air it out, when it’s sunny outside get those dog beds and heavy blankets a nice dose of sunshine. The smells and odors of winter and fall need to go! Don’t forget to give the tops of the dressers, bookcases and doorframes a nice dusting with a electrostatic reducing cloth. One tip is to use a dryer sheet, it repels future dust bunnies.

Clean out the closets! The ol’ dreaded winter summer change out. Oh boy there is nothing more time consuming for a mother (except maybe baseball) then waiting for the seasons to change and the transition in the drawers. One day it is blazing while the next it is freezing. But alas it needs to be done. You can’t go swimming in sweatpants. Take the time to start putting in some summer clothes. If possible leave two boxes in the closet (not in the middle of the room-that equals inner frustation). One for winter and one for summer. As the season progress and you put away laundry put the winter in the winter box and take out the summer accordingly.

Declutter, out with the old in with the new. If you still have Christmas or Hanukkah decorations hanging around its time for them to go back home to their boxes in the basement or attic. Then take a basket and walk around the house and give a gut wrenching glance at all the surfaces and ask yourself, “what can be put away (in an organized fashion) and what needs to stay”.  And don’t forget the top of the refrigerator! Yes, its the perfect place for the dog leash and the latest toy the kids are fighting over but in all honesty your inner feng shui tuning fork will thank you when you’re done. If you want to feel really REALLY good go ahead and just donate all the stuff you just decluttered your house with to a women’s shelter or Goodwill.

Spring project ideas from Atlanta Curb Appeal

Cherry cherry cheerful! Bring the brightness of Spring with some fresh blooms. Whether live in pots, cut in vases or prints on bedding or in the bath. Pops of color can do a world of good especially when mother nature decides to bring those April showers by. Find some happy new towels for the bath or kitchen, a small reminder to yourself that all is well with the world when you exercise a small dose of self care.

If you want to get started on that new porch or sunroom and really bring the spring sunshine in give Atlanta Curb Appeal a call at 770-778-1172. We specialize in interior and exterior projects for homes in the East Cobb and Buckhead areas. Fences, decks, outdoor kitchens, bathrooms, interior painting, you name it, we do it! On budget and on time with fantastic workmanship. Check out our East Cobb contractor reviews.