Million Dollar Deck

What do you do when you have the skills to grill but don’t have the fancy backyard to pull it off? Recently, a homeowner gave Atlanta Curb Appeal a call because they had a deck but wanted something bigger, something better.

We sat down with our client and put together a beautiful design with a lot of custom touches. The “after pictures” look like something out of a magazine.

We asked Avi about the new backyard entertainment area.


What was the deck like before Atlanta Curb Appeal started? Their original deck was small and made from pine. Our client was looking for a larger entertaining space, so an extension was a must. However, it wasn’t a simple add-on; we changed out all the decking to new cedar boards and added all-new decorative posts and railing.


What special features did you add? We added the hot-tub, fireplace, deck and the outdoor kitchen. For the hot-tub, we had to built a reinforced deck to support the weight of the tub and connect it with stairs to the upper deck.


Did Atlanta Curb Appeal install the stone on the huge outdoor fireplace? All of the stonework was brand new and installed by Atlanta Curb Appeal. This unique handmade touch gave the deck a warm and welcoming feel. The client was looking for a “million dollar deck”. I think we delivered.


Can you tell us more about the new outdoor kitchen? We designed the outdoor kitchen so the BBQ equipment would be next to the edge of the roofline in order for the smoke to dissipate while protecting the cook from the sun and the rain. The cooking area was design around this to create a space with sufficient prep area next to the drop-in grill and Green Egg. Adjoining this area was a seating space for friends so he could visit while cooking. The space was designed for utility but also for optimal entertaining. Just like your indoor kitchen, storage space is key for the outdoor kitchen. We installed full cedar cabinets with rustic hardware underneath the L-shaped kitchen and the countertops were a gorgeous granite complemented by stack stone on the back of the kitchen to match the nearby outdoor fireplace.


How did you change the front of the house? We added a custom-designed portico, rebuilt the landing and stairs and resurfaced the natural flagstone and stack stone. We also installed custom-made shutters out of a beautiful cedar, which we stained and sealed with a protectant We recommended the cedar to go with the rustic look of the home and it tied in beautifully with the new cedar deck.


How did they find you? They found us by word of mouth. We renovated their friends’ house in the neighborhood, and they recommended us.


How long did it take, and how did they feel about their experience? This project took about four months, including the holidays and the vacations in between. The clients are ecstatic with the end results.


In our next blog, we will continue with the details of the indoor renovation that we also provided for client.

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Help, Our Deck Needs Covering!

What happens when your deck has too much sun and exposure to the elements? What do you when you have no true place for grilling or chilling?

Atlanta Curb Appeal Deck

Call Atlanta Curb Appeal!

Call Atlanta Curb Appeal and get a new deck and covered porch!


How did they find you? And what was your first meeting like? From owner Avi Moyal: “Our latest clients saw one of our yard signs and decided to call for a free estimate to see if we could help them out. The couple had an existing deck and a limited amount of light shade in their backyard. Together we came up with some great ideas for a nice patio cover retreat for entertaining. Since the client works in design and architecture, we ended up having a good number of discussions over the engineering plans.

photo 2
The design we decided on was to extend the deck with another section. This new addition of deck would be the perfect place for their grill, the Green Egg Grill and a brand new sitting area which would include a built-in bench plus a granite worktop surface area in between the two grills. The perfect foodie home chef experience! 
But wait there’s more! Of course we wouldn’t want the guests falling off the deck after a few Shirley Temples so a new railing was going to be added too.

And after enjoying a nice outdoor meal the perfect way to polish off the evening would be an entertainment media center complete with an exterior sound system and wall mounted outdoor flat screen television. Part of all this magic would include relocating the water hose, adding a ceiling fan, moving electrical outlets to the front deck and bringing a gas line from the basement to an area under the deck for the BBQ! No more wasted time preparing for a party running to the store for more gas!

photo 2

How long did this all take? What was it like day to day working with Atlanta Curb Appeal? The project took about two weeks. Every day while we were building it the client would come home and we’d discuss the day’s construction and progress. I enjoy this open communication with clients keeping them in the loop about everything we do (for clients who are off site I do this with emailed pictures and videos). Together we had a healthy open professional dialogue where he brought me his opinion and we were able to discuss and implement as a team. One challenge that we ran into was the old deck. When we first examined it we all decided that if we got into the project and felt the old deck wasn’t safe we would take action. It did end up being poorly constructed. To remediate, we added four posts, beams and braces to reinforce the existing structure. Our clients are thrilled with their East Cobb deck extension, railing and new porch. They are loving it so far, are very excited and truly thankful. They are super pleased and thankful for the amazing craftsmanship and are delighted that their projects was in good hands.

photo 1

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East Cobb Portico FINAL

After-New Portico, Deck and More

Siding Replacement, New Shutters and More Curb Appeal in John’s Creek

This is Phase Two of a series about a gorgeous renovation Atlanta Curb Appeal did in John’s Creek these past few weeks.  Go here to read Phase One.



  1. Replace three sides old siding of the house
  2. Paint the new siding
  3. Paint the front brick
  4. Replace the windows shutters


At Atlanta Curb Appeal we always aim to hit our original quote. We keep detailed spreadsheet budgets to ensure this. In fact the clients for this particular project interviewed nine contractors before deciding on us and this was one of our selling points, our ability to stay within budget. In fact, I am happy to say the only difference from the original quote was the additional request by the owner to also go ahead and replace the gutters while we out there working.


During this process, I (Avi Moyal, owner) recommended to replace the two entrance lights by the main entrance door. I gave them some design directions as to what I knew would work in this space. My suggestion was lights that were modern, square looking, big and vertical yet with rectangular shaped lights. The couple loved these new exterior entrance lights so much that they requested we add another pair near the garage doors.


We also had a lot of discussions on what kind of window shutters to go with, in regards to actual design style and materials. Together we found online a pair of shutters that were very nice but unfortunately were also very expensive. Using that design we decided to custom build some specifically for them. We also installed beautiful cedar wood shutters whose design matched perfectly the style of the Portico we built in Phase One.

Portico prior to exterior finishing-notice the custom interior ceiling.

During the painting of the house we had to cut down and remove lots of shrubs
and roots that were too close to the brick wall. These bushes would not allow us access
to paint the wall to our high standards. Since we had already planned to cut these anyways as part of Phase Three landscaping, we just went ahead and removed them. This exposed more of the front elevation.


It took about a week to finish all siding replacement and exterior painting. The actual siding work was done by a company I team up with for this scale of siding replacement. They are my business partners every time I need siding work, Harmony and Chris of HP Exteriors. I highly recommend them because their level of perfection matches what our clients expect.


We had a few meetings before and after with the client, where we
discussed all the parts of the project and the materials to be used in great detail. Additionally we exchanged continuous emails and phone conversations during the process to make sure everyone was content.

The client is so HAPPY that they just approved the budget for Phase Three!

They are thrilled with Atlanta Curb Appeal’s work and are proud of their home’s new look. Lots of neighbors have been coming in and continue to do so, just to check in and meet that couple that have given such a huge facelift to their home. We have gotten bid requests from their close neighbors for more work on their street.

As I have said before, big curb appeal projects like this are why I started this business, it’s thrilling to watch the transformation and the response from the client and their neighbors.

Atlanta Curb Appeal


Phase Three will be landscaping. A new custom stone walkway, new sod and the work of taking down a few trees. We also will be adding sprinklers systems to the front and back yards and handling the deck staining. Finally we will be adding new flower beds and landscape lights in the front, to light the walkway, house and trees.

Can’t wait to share with you a “finale” picture!

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