5 Ways to Decide If Your Deck is Dead

5 Ways to Decide If Your Deck is Dead

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1)   You feel like you are on a cruise ship in choppy waters when you walk across it.

2)   The wood is so dried up and weathered that guests ask “Where did you get that interesting driftwood art sculpture in your backyard?”

3)   You use a human chain to retrieve stuff from the back of the deck.

4)   You purposely hose down the deck, just in case, on really hot days during a dry spell.

5)   Your deck might be dead if after suggesting drinks on the deck to the neighbors, they suddenly have to go home to check on the dog.

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All joking aside, deck maintenance is necessary to prolong the life of your deck. If your deck is on it’s last post, then let Atlanta Curb Appeal give you a quote for a new deck or deck staining! We can sometimes save a deck or a portion of the deck if the damage is minimal. Many times only the top boards of a deck need replacement, while the beams underneath are still in good shape. This typically amounts to considerable savings!


Atlanta Curb Appeal deck services include:

  • Full Deck Installations
  • Deck Staining
  • Deck Painting
  • Deck Additions
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Deck Screening Repairs/Installation/Framing
  • Adding Deck stairs
  • Adding Deck Entry/Exit Doors

For the month of July we are running a Deck Special! $250 off a new deck installation. Give us a call for a free estimate! Our deck work is meticulous; we take special care in cleaning and treating the wood before staining. A new stain or paint job will take your outdoor entertaining to the next level.

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And don’t forget the concrete around the pool, we can pressure wash that beauty back in no time.

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10 Things To Ask Yourself Before A Bathroom Remodel

10 Things to Ask Yourself Before A Bathroom Remodel

1. Keep the same layout or expand? If the work requires a partial or full demolition, it’s a good idea to explore all of your options and possibilities.

2. In the shower, consider adding soap niches and/or a bench.

3. Consider tiling the walls all the way to the ceiling in the shower.

4. What kind of a door do you want for the shower? These days, the majority of our customers choose a frameless glass door (as shown in picture at top).

5. Add some accent tile in the shower walls and floor. You can also tie it to the vanity backsplash for consistency.

6. What style do you want for the new vanities, new mirrors and new light fixtures?

7. Consider backsplash around your bathtub.

8. Replace the bathroom window. Older windows date the room.

9. Make sure you have enough light by the vanities and in the shower. Recessed can lighting is one option.

10. Don’t forget a good quiet venting system.


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Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling

by Atlanta Curb Appeal

Atlanta Realtor Needing To Get Exteriors Ready For Market?

Do you find yourself in the position of having to help a client get their home ready for market because they are out of town or unavailable?

How many calls does it take?

-The guy who pressure washes the driveaway and exteriors.

-The guy who can make shutters.

-The business that  does interior construction.

-And finally your painter.

Sounds exhausting doesn’t it?

What if you just had to make one call? Atlanta Curb Appeal saves you time so you can get this little piggy to market quick!

Check out all the things Atlanta Curb Appeal can do for you:

* Design

* Exterior/Interior Paint

* Deck+ Pergola

* Fencing

* Pressure Wash

* Outdoor Lights

* Natural stone

* Gazebo & Sun Rooms

* Landscape Sculptures

* Interior Remodeling

* Mail Boxes

* Decorative woodwork

* Shutters

* Concrete

Be done! Cut the stress of balancing three or four spinning plates. One is plenty!

Atlanta Curb Appeal, helping you sell your home faster. 770-778-1172

Avi and his crew did a few things right off the bat that impressed me very much. First, Avi’s timeliness and promptness was VERY much appreciated by me. I’d dealt with a few other paint crews that just could never make a meeting on time. Avi was there when he said he would be and also contacted me in advance as well. He turned around his initial quote quickly, provided an extremely competitive price, and all of this added up to him winning my business. He then proposed a date for the job (whole house) and then even was able to get it done BEFORE that date. He is the FIRST contractor I’ve dealt with this year I would recommend. Thanks!” –John P. in Smyrna, GA