Wow This House Renovation Is Simply Stunning!


1) How did these customers find you?

We were working on their neighbor’s house next door and Wendy approached me one day while she was out walking her dog. Wendy asked if I could come by and see her railing. Wendy is a designer by trade and had some ideas in mind for some projects she’d like me to complete in her home.

Metal and Wood Modern Staircases

2) Why did they need a new railing? Was there a rail before? They moved in about a year ago and had nearly completed a major renovation. The railing is the last thing Wendy really wanted to get rid of. It was not updated and did not match the new interior design.


3) How did you decide on this rail style, did the customer already have it in mind or did you help lead them to this decision? Wendy shared with me some photos of what she wanted and said she was interested in incorporating metal into the design. I suggested a cedar railing and posts (to match other beams in the house and because we decided to stain it all immediately) with aluminum bars. We discussed in great detail the dimensions and the profile type (square vs. round pipe) that would express and continue the artistic lines of the space. I brought them samples from the supplier and we ended up agreeing on the round 1 1\4” pipes.


4) How many days did this project take? Any issues or challenges people should keep in mind when getting a new railing installed? It took us six days to complete three levels of indoor railing plus an outside small deck and railing system that now match the inside.

Modern Porch Railing

When considering a new railing I suggest investigating the materials and finishes: metal, wood or both? Another decision to be made will be to paint or to stain the wood.

5) How does the customer feel about the project? They are thrilled with this new modern railing. As a designer, Wendy wants to team up with us for her future projects. We look forward to it!

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